IAS Success Story: Amit, who succeeded in two out of four attempts, shared special tips to crack the exam, read


Success Story of IAS Topper Amit Kale: When you ask the UPSC candidates about their experience, it often comes out that they consider the first stage of the exam i.e. pre exam very difficult. Do not know how many candidates come here and get stuck here. In such a situation, some candidates like Amit Kale also come out who do not take one or two full four times. It is obvious that when a candidate will give this test so many times and pass it every time, the experience of such a candidate is not the same.

Our today’s topper Amit also gave four attemps of UPSC CSE exam and passed the pre in four. Twice he also cleared the remaining stages of the examination and made it to the final list. However, when Amit passed this examination in the year 2017, the rank was not according to his mind. Amit joined Defense Estate Services but then took the exam. This time he got the post of IAS of his choice. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Amit shared tips to crack the special pre exam.

Here’s how to prepare for pre-

Talking about the preparation of Amit Pre, he says that this is an exam for which you have to give at least three months time separately. When you start preparing, prepare the mains and the rest too, but in the end, just come to the pre.

The next advice, Amit from his experience, is that the parts you have difficulty in preparing or the parts you forget, such as data, facts, reports, etc., keep them for the end. Finally, by reading, you are able to remember them on exam day.

The next important thing is repeated revisions from lesser books. Amit says do not gather much material for preparation, but read as much as you can.

Amit’s advice –

Amit believes that at the time of preparation, see the papers of the last four-five years, they get a lot of benefit from them. Sometimes the questions are repeated. If you are lucky and it happens then you will get a lot of benefit because one mark is important in this exam.

In the end, Amit gives an important advice and should not take any stress on the exam day and go for exams with a calm mind. When you take stress, or fear, your brain does not work and the chances of making mistakes increases. Give the main exam the same way you mock. With this, you will be able to give exams with a calm mind and the chances of success will increase.

Prepare according to syllabus, keep books limited and revise fiercely. When ready, give plenty of mock. Keeping these things in mind, you can crack the exam too.

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