IAS Success Story: Three attempts succeeded in three but Abhishek did not stop until IAS post was found


Success Story of IAS Topper Abhishek Saraf: UPSC Journey of Abhishek Saraf of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is very special. As the name of Abhishek records, very few candidates can achieve it. Abhishek gave three examinations of UPSC CSE exam and succeeded in all three. Not only this, his rank was also improved every time, but Abhishek did not have to stop until he could get an IAS post. So he kept giving the test again and again and every time he became a direct topper in the third time.

If we talk about Abhishek’s educational background, he did his schooling from Bhopal and after twelfth he went to Kanpur IIT to do graduation. After graduating in civil engineering, Abhishek also worked for some time. During this time, he gave the Indian Engineering Services exam and was selected from a very good rank. After this, the idea of ​​giving civil service to Abhishek came and they got ready. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Abhishek talked about the main lessons of his journey.

First collect all the information –

Abhishek says that before coming to this field, collect every small and big information related to it. For this work, you can take help of seniors, talk to other toppers or it is best to take help of internet. Here you will get to know about every subject in detail.

As far as books are concerned, Abhishek says that he had not read any particular book, but he had also selected the books which are popular for the UPACC examination and from which everyone reads. You can get information about them from the blog of Toppers. Look at the syllabus properly in the next step, then proceed step by step in a sequential manner.

Abhishek advises one thing in this journey to take care that it is easy to jump in this ground but difficult to stick. Here it is the one that has the strength in motivation. He advises other candidates to prepare themselves before coming to this field. This journey will take your exam in every way and will squeeze you. Such moments will come in the middle that if your motivation is not strong then you will leave the ground and run away. So it would be better to know all the prose and const before coming here.

Watch the interview given by Abhishek Saraf to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Here’s how to prepare

Talking about the preparation, Abhishek says that if you cannot go to Delhi for coaching for some reason then do not get upset, ask for the notes of the coachings there, that is enough. According to Abhishek, the next important thing is to take a break in between studies and also take a break every 15 days so that your sanity remains. They say that this exam is a long way, hard work is necessary to complete it, but you will not be able to follow the routine which is inserted in the books day and night. Therefore, it would be better to study while taking a break.

Giving his example, Abhishek says that he used to sleep for seven to eight hours at night as well as taking power naps several times a day. Not only this, after taking breaks every 15 days, they used to do something that they like.

According to Abhishek, the next important thing is to live among positive people and if possible, create a group that will always support you. During the preparation of this exam, many times there is irritability, sometimes depression and feeling of angst. In such a situation, there should be people around you who take you out of these things. If you take time to get other success, don’t lose courage, if the efforts are right then you will definitely get the destination.

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