IAS Success Story: In the first attempt, Nidhi passed UPSC examination and IAS became a doctor


Success Story of IAS Topper Nidhi Patel: 2017 topper Nidhi Patel is special in many ways. Nidhi has taken MBBS and MS degrees before being selected for the post of IAS. Not only this, Nidhi also worked for some time after studying in medical science. During this time, Nidhi thought of going to some area from where the needy people could be served more.

In fact, when Nidhi was doing a job after her medical degree, she came in contact with many needy people who needed help in many fields and Nidhi was able to assist her only as a doctor. In such a situation, Nidhi felt that she should join some other area so that she can be helped further.

With this idea, Nidhi decided to take the UPSC CSE exam and got ready. The special thing about Nidhi’s preparations was that she did not spend a lot of time to crack the exam and in the first attempt she passed the exam in preparation for only nine to ten months. How did Nidhi do this amazing, know in her interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track.

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Nidhi talks about her preparations, saying that since she had less time and had set a target to pass the exam in the first attempt, she practiced anything related to the exam for a limited time. Actually, when Nidhi planned to give this exam, at that time she had only two prompts left, in which Nidhi wanted to make the first attempt last and this happened.

Because of this, whether to make notes or to practice answer writing, Nidhi did not spend a lot of time on anyone. They had set their targets, which they used to finish within time.

Answer Writing is considered important by Nidhi, but she also says that if you have content ready then there will be no problem in writing the answer. If what you want to write does not come, then answer writing practice also has no meaning. Therefore, Nidhi gave full focus on preparing good content and practiced an answer writing only. However, he took care that after writing the answer, he was compelled with a copy of the toppers and wherever there was a shortage, he removed it in time.

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Nidhi shares her experience about the exam and says that while writing the answers, try your best to make them effective and all those who are considered to be a good answer elements, put them in your answer, then you will get good marks

Similarly, answer answering practice should be limited, but keep in mind that the paper should develop its ability to complete within time. If you leave the questions on the main examination day, then the selection will be difficult or the rank will not be good. Therefore, please complete the paper within the given time. Give a lot of mock for this. With this you will know your deficiency.

The next important thing Nidhi says about Motivation. She says that when she makes up her mind to prepare for this exam, there are many difficulties in the way, but she is overcome by those difficulties which does not lose courage and within which there is a strong motivation to enter this field. Therefore, apart from keeping the goal clean, keep it clean, it will definitely be successful

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