IAS Success Story: First MBBS, then IPS and finally IAS, which strategy did Pankaj find success again and again? Read


Success Story of IAS Topper Pankaj Yadav: It is said that those who have life in their dreams, how do they complete them. For example, take Pankaj Yadav of Haryana. Pankaj belongs to a small village of Teint in Rewari district and he studied up to class XII in a government school here. Not only this, Pankaj also did MBBS from Rewari.

If seen, Pankaj never got much exposure in his entire career. But he showed success after success, that success is not an affection for features. One who really has to do something in life, how he makes his way and eventually reaches the destination. Pankaj also proved this by first becoming MBBS, then IPS and finally IAS. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Pankaj talked in detail about his journey.

Due to this, in the field of UPSC –

Pankaj has never regretted that his background is from the village or that he never had the facilities and resources like the children of the city. But when Pankaj was doing MBBS from Government Medical College after getting education from government school, at that time he definitely thought of doing something for the students of the village. At this time, he felt that he should go to some service, from where some help could be given to such youth. Just here, Pankaj made up his mind to take the UPSC CSE exam.

Pankaj left no stone unturned in the preparations from the first attempt to the last, but he got his post of mind in the third attempt. Pankaj reached the interview round in the first attempt but was not selected. In the second attempt, he removed the shortcomings of the first attempt and took the exam again in 2018. This time his 589 rank came and he was allotted IPS service. Unhappy with this, Pankaj again took the exam and eventually topped the rank of 56 and was selected for the post of IAS.

See here the interview given by Pankaj Yadav to Delhi Knowledge Track –

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Pankaj says from his experience that the background of a candidate can never become the road to his path if he has the power to do so. They say do not keep your eyes on what you have and what you do not have. The focus should be on the target. With this, try to get the right guidance. Due to lack of other things, work will be done, but lack of proper guidance will not do.

If the environment around you is not going to study or is not going to show any way, then do not get upset, seek the help of internet. In today’s time, the Internet has kept a solution for every problem. From here you can see everything from the exam pattern to the interview of previous year’s papers and toppers and also use them according to your need.

In the end, Pankaj says that always keep patience in this journey. Sometimes it takes time to get success or to get the desired position, in such a situation, do not give up. If the effort is genuine then the destination will definitely be found.

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