IAS Success Story: failed twice but did not give up, third time wanted to pass UPSC exam


Success Story of IAS Toper Chahat Bajpai: When the UPSC Civil Services is discussed, there is a lot of emphasis on preparing such topics along with other subjects. This is because the candidates often ignore it and the experience of those candidates who have scored well in this exam says that to get good marks in the exam, pay special attention to the essay topic. The special thing about this subject is that it does not require a lot of hard work for its preparation, just by taking care of some small things, you can score well in it.

There are some similar thoughts in the year 2018 topper Bajpayee. Chahat achieved this success in his third attempt and failed twice before. However, in the third time Chahat became a direct topper and got his choice of IAS post. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Chahat shared his experience on how to write a good essay.

UPSC CSE essay is different –

Before talking about the topic of preparation, students want to finish a dout in the mind that students should not compare this defense essay with previous essays. Here the meaning of a good essay is very different from your essays till date. You have to prepare separately for what UPSC wants from you and which gets good marks on writing. Look at last year’s papers and understand what is a good thing. Look at all its parts, learn how to frame it.

One thing and before today, how good your writing skills have been, or you have been writing anything else on the blog, but you have to prepare it like a novice. Based on your past experience, do not cultivate any mogulas, otherwise you will have to face it.

You will need practice to write a good essay. Therefore, practice writing essays every day or writing essays as you feel comfortable. During this time, take care of one thing and write in the essay what is asked, not what you know. Do not deviate from the subject.

See here, interview given by Chahat Bajpai to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Advice of want –

Giving tips for writing good essays, she says that choose the same subject in which you can express yourself well. How to write it and what points will be inserted, frame it in advance and write a place. When writing an essay, use simple language and not very decorative language. When we proceed further, it should also be noted that the connection of one paragraph should not be broken with the other. Your point should proceed in flow.

When practicing writing essays, prepare some quotes, anicdotes etc. which can be used when needed. However, take care of one thing, do not use them just because you have some quotes ready. Use them only when related to the subject.

See previous year paper at the time of preparation. You will be able to know from them what subjects have come to write essays in the last years. Sometimes some subjects are repeated. You can prepare such topics in advance. Make the beginning and end of the essay particularly effective and end the matter with a solution, not by raising issues. By taking care of these few things, you too can get good marks in the essay.

IAS Success Story: Three attempts were successful but three did not stop until Abhishek got the post of IAS

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