Students of classes 3 to 8 will not have to appear for examination in Delhi, they will get marks


No Offline Exams For Class 3 To 8 In Delhi Schools: The Delhi Education Directorate has made a big announcement, providing relief to the students. Under this announcement, there will be no offline examinations for students of class three to eight in Delhi. Instead, they will be given the facility of evaluation in other ways. Actually, this decision has been taken in view of the danger of Corona. Students of classes 3 to 8 here will get marks on the basis of worksheets and assignments.

The Delhi Education Directorate has released new assessment guidelines for the academic session 2020-21. It has been decided not to conduct examinations under these guidelines. Instead of examinations, students will be judged on the basis of various projects etc.

Those who do not have digital access –

The Directorate has also made it clear that those students who do not have digital access i.e. internet, computers, laptops etc., do not need to be disturbed. Such students can submit assignments and worksheets in the handcopy form of their parents. Here too, students do not have to appear for this work. In his place, his parents can go to school and submit their assignment following all the Kovid guidelines.

Status of class 9 and 11 is not yet clear –

While the Delhi government has given open information about the exam for classes three to eight, no notice has been issued for classes 9 and 11 yet. In fact, due to Corona this year, classes were to be conducted like that, they could not be done and there was also a good loss of studies. Considering these points, the government has decided to make the assessment in place of the exam.

This decision will be applicable to all schools in Delhi. The situation has become clear about small classes, it is expected that a decision will be given soon for the exams of class nine and eleven.

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