IAS Success Story: Himanshu, who failed in the pre-examination twice, did not lose courage, reached the destination in the third time


Success Story of IAS Topper Himanshu Gupta: 2019 topper Himanshu Gupta is originally from Delhi. His early education was also done here and after twelfth Himanshu took an engineering degree from Delhi Technological University. Himanshu was always good in studies, but even after coming to the graduation stage, he never planned to go in the field of UPSC. After completing engineering, Himanshu started working in a company and he worked here for about one and a half years.

Meanwhile, due to some reasons, Himanshu got the idea of ​​UPSC and started preparing with full vigor. Himanshu gave his first Attempt while in job. When Himanshu failed in this attitude, he felt that quitting the job to prepare for the exam was a good option. With this idea Himanshu left the job and started preparing. This year, he put all his strength but still failed in the first phase. What was behind Himanshu’s repeated failure? Himanshu shared this and many such things in the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track.

Stress did the paper poorly –

The reason for Himanshu getting out of the pre-stage in the second Attempt was that he had become so much excited and obsessed with the preparations this time that he used to study only day and night. He gave fierce tests, solved a lot of mock papers. Thus, he was giving exams day and night only. As a result, when the turn of the main examination came, Himanshu was so tired that the enthusiasm he had for this examination was not there. He was in a state of tension and as a result, Himanshu kept solving a lot of questions for which he was not pure. In the end, when the result came, the matter had got out of hand.

Frustrated Himanshu decided that in the next attempt he would not make any such mistake which he had made earlier. This time he worked on all his shortcomings and the result is in front of everyone. In the third attempt, Himanshu was not only selected but also became a topper.

Watch the interview given by Himanshu Gupta to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Himanshu’s advice –

Himanshu says that two things are very important for this exam, one syllabus and the other last year’s question paper. They say that the syllabus is so important that it should be kept on your fingers. When this level will have knowledge of syllabus, then only thing will be made. The second important thing is to look at last year’s question paper. Himanshu says that after looking at the topics in the syllabus, see what kind of questions come from those subjects. These are two very important points, which should be taken care of.

The next important thing is to be Motivated during preparation. Himanshu says no matter what happens, no matter how many times you fail, do not give up. Keep this in mind that one day you will definitely get success. Also, do not take stress by relying on the philosophy of Nishkam Karma. Prepare hard, but do not worry that the selection will happen or not. If you keep these things in mind, then you will definitely be successful.

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