IAS Success Story: First engineer then UPSC topper in second attempt, Divya Shakti found success at every stage


Success Story of IAS Topper Divya Shakti: Divya of Bihar is the topper of the year 2019. This was his second attempt and in his second attempt he not only passed the UPSC CSE examination but also achieved 79th rank. On hearing Divya’s words, it is revealed that she is quite different from other candidates. His thinking about the exam is also very different from others. Divya did BTech from BITS Pilani before giving UPSC CSE. After this, he worked for some time by doing Masters in Economics. He also did not take his job. They thought that this is not their destination.

After all, Divya spent a whole year on what she wants to do next. Divya was not at all hesitant to accept that even after so many years of Kariyar, she could not decide where her destination was. The good thing is that Divya spent a lot of time on this matter and after understanding everything, took the initiative to take the UPSC exam. Divya, sure of intention, left no stone unturned here and in the second attempt, she was not only selected but also became a topper. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Divya spoke on various issues. Know in detail

Do not prepare under the influence of the post –

Divya clearly tells other candidates that your reason for coming to this area should be solid. Do not make up your mind to come in this field after seeing the glory of the post you get after passing the exam. According to him, these reasons are insufficient for coming to this area. Actually this journey is so difficult and sometimes becomes so long that such motivations do not work long. The purpose of giving your exam should be something that keeps the energy flowing in you for a long time.

Divya herself passed the examination with a year of good preparation. Divya does not hesitate to give the reason for the failure of her first attempt. She says that the first prompt was given only to find out what the exam is like and how the questions come in it. In fact, she was not ready to give the exam at this time.

Watch here interview given by Divya Shakti to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Divya’s suggestions –

Divya gives her opinion about the exam and says that before starting the preparation, choose the option very carefully. It plays an important role in your success. If there is a feeling of confusion between subjects then there are many ways to overcome it. Take the last year’s papers and check, pick up the NCEAT books and check. With this you will know whether you have to choose this subject or not.

The second important thing is to choose coaching or not. So it is everyone’s own decision. If you feel the need, you can award, then take coaching. Even if you cannot take it, there is no problem, Internet is the cure for all your problems.

It is a matter of the right time to prepare for the exam, so the time when you choose to give the exam is the right time. Where you are, the situation you are in, that is appropriate. You can do even if you want to prepare with the job. Just remember one thing that honest efforts never go empty. Therefore, if you have got the effort, then you will definitely be selected.

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