IAS Success Story: Alok, who cracked UPSC exam in second attempt, shared his preparation strategy, know in detail


Success Story of IAS Topper Alok Kumar: Alok Kumar topped the UPAC CSE examination in his second exam in the year 2018. Alok’s strategy, which is very simple thinking about the exam, is also very simple. He achieved this success repeatedly by revising less books. They also advise other candidates to keep their strategy simple and do not copy anyone while preparing it. Plan for yourself according to your strength and weekend. Someone else’s plan will not work for you. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Alok spoke openly about the preparation for the exam.

Pay attention to syllabus –

Alok says syllabus is the most important for exam preparation. First of all, check the syllabus properly and then collect the books accordingly. In the selection of books also, keep in mind that if you gather a lot of material, then the course will never end. So keep limited books but read them again and again.

After this, the next important step is to give a test. Alok says until you do not know whether your answers are correct or how well you are able to say what you have read in words, then there is no use of preparation. Here again the same thing applies that everyone is studying, but whoever engages their educated in words, gets the same success.

The next important question that often comes in the minds of the candidates is about coaching. Alok’s advice in this regard is that joining or not coaching is the personal decision of any candidate. If you feel the need, of course take coaching and if for some reason you are not able to go to Delhi for this work, then do not be disturbed. Nowadays almost everything is available on the Internet, you can take notes etc. from there. Alok himself took coaching in the first test, but after that, in the second attempt, he chose self-study and also succeeded.

Watch the interview given by Alok Kumar to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Create a completely exam environment –

Alok further adds his point that when preparing for the exam, give the test in an absolutely test environment. Do not take it as if you are giving exams at home, then lighten things accordingly. Sit on the timer and close the paper as time passes. Only when preparing with this strictness will you get the benefit.

After the test is complete, check it and prepare the answers that were not available. When finally revision, you may not be able to complete the revision, but those questions which you could not solve, must be revisited.

The next important point is Alok considers answer writing. Try to write well before the exam. With this your practice is not only done, but you also know your shortcomings. Remove them in time.

Prepare using the resources or facilities that you have. Never think that it would have been better. Similarly, do not compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone’s abilities are different, so if you are taking time to get success then do not worry. Keep trying in the right direction, the floor will definitely be found.

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