IAS Success Story: Three Attempts, Two Successful, UPSC Journey of Bihar’s Abhilasha


Success Story of IAS Topper Abhilasha Abhinav: Abhilasha Abhinav, a resident of Patna, capital of Bihar, has been the topper of 2017. This year he passed the UPSC CSE exam with 18th rank. Even before this, Abhilasha had been selected but due to low rank, he got IRS service, due to which Abhilasha was not satisfied. As a result, she gave the exam again and this time she became a straight topper, breaking all records.

Where Abhilasha is from, it is considered appropriate to marry girls after one age. In such an environment, Abhilasha had to spend extra energy to convince her parents not to marry her. However, after Abhilasha’s selection, her parents also felt that their decision not to marry the daughter and let her study was not wrong. As every candidate has his struggles in his life, Abhilasha was also there. In the interview given to Knowledge Track, Abhilasha spoke openly on various issues related to the exam and different struggles in life.

Always preparing for the job –

Abhilasha was good from childhood. While he topped his district in class X, he also got above 80 percent marks in class XII. After class 12th, Abhilasha did B.Tech and started working in a company. During this time, he also started preparing for UPSC.

Abhilasha never left the job to prepare for the exam and she always worked during her three attempts. Not only this, Abhilasha also advises other candidates that if you do not have the compulsion to work and you can prepare for this exam full time, consider yourself lucky and take full advantage of this opportunity. Feel thankful about the luxury of time that you get and ask its price to those candidates who manage time while staying in jobs.

If we talk about Abhilasha’s UPSC Journey, he gave the first ambush in the year 2014 when he was not even in Pre. After this, he did not take the exam next year. She was selected for IRS service in the second year in 2016. Abhilasha tried again and succeeded this time.

Watch the interview given by Abhilasha to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Desire Advice –

Regarding the preparation of the exam, Abhilasha says that do not consider this exam as three exams and consider one from the beginning and prepare for pre, main and interview together. You can watch the interview of toppers to understand the exam format and take guidance. Keep in mind that inspiration should be taken from anywhere, but plan for yourself according to your needs. Do not copy anyone because someone else’s strategy will not work for you.

Abhilasha always prepared with a job, so she had to work harder than other candidates. She says that those who work can take advantage of weekends and can read them whenever they get time in office. Abhilasha used to study on phone even while committing, thus technology helped her a lot.

In the end, Abhilasha’s advice is that self-bailiff helps a lot in passing this exam. Before proofing someone else, you should believe yourself that you can only do it. Be honest with yourself and try honestly, here you do not have to prove anything to others, but success is water for yourself.

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