IAS Success Story: Navya, who had already cleared the UPSC exam in the exam, gave special tips to crack the exam in one year, read


Success Story of IAS Topper Navya Singla: Navya Singla passed the UPSC CSE exam in 2016 in her first attempt. The day Navya decided to come to this area, on the same day, she made a decision and that she would clear the exam in advance. The result of Navya’s hard work, proper strategy and proper planning was that she also showed what she wanted. Navya really not only succeeded in the first attempt but also brought a good rank. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Navya gave tips to clear the exam in one year.

Plan according to your needs –

Navya says that when she decided to give the exam, she first joined coaching. This helped them a lot, on the basis of this Navya mainly advises other candidates that at the beginning of preparation, the candidate has to decide a strategy for himself. While deciding this, keep in mind that you get guidance or advice from anywhere, but plan for yourself according to your needs. That is, according to your strength and weekliness. The strong areas of each candidate are different and also the week area. So decide for yourself the schedule as you need. Whether to take coaching or not is also a part of your strategy.

The second important thing is the choice of optional which plays an important role in your success. Navya says choose the option only after considering it very well. By the way, it is advisable that you can choose the subject from which you have graduated, because you have a good grasp on it due to first reading. For example, Navya graduated in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi and chose this as an optional. However here again Navya repeats the same thing that there is no rule of it as you think is appropriate. Just keep in mind that for preparing for the exam, choosing the right strategy and the right option are the two most important points that you have to take care of.

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Navya’s advice –

The next important step is the preparation of current affairs for which Navya insists on reading the news paper. She gives her example and says that I used to make notes of the important parts of the paper and used them for revision. Similarly, for the preparation of main examination, keep at least books from which you can easily revise later.

After this, come to answer writing practice that ensures your success. Look at the previous year’s paper, give mock test and write the answer to see if there is any shortage. If you get something, remove it in time.

In the end, Navya says that during the whole preparation, never stop reading the paper because when you are aware of the things happening around you, then your tears get added to the value.

Remember that this exam can be passed in preparation for one and a half years. The matter of the first attempt does not come in the rest of the efforts, so work hard and consider the first effort to be the last. Make it sit in your mind that what you want to do is to be done in this attitude. Though always thinking like this does not give success, but mostly this idea works.

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