IAS Success Story: Engineer Rishi Raj becomes IAS officer in second attempt, success achieved through this strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Rishi Raj: The reason for 2017 topper Rishi Raj’s arrival in this region is a bit different. He did not always want to make a career in this field but some compulsions prompted him to come towards this. The year Rishi of Singrauli graduated in electrical engineering, the same year he was declared medically unfit for this field.

Actually, Rishi came out with the problem of colorblindness and despite graduating in this field, he had to find another option. However, Rishi made this weakness his strength and had already passed all the three stages of UPSC CSE exam in the Attempt. But this time he was a bit unlucky and his name did not figure in the final list. The sage did not lose courage and took the exam again. He finally secured 27th place in the Civil Services Examination in his second attempt in the year 2017. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Rishi spoke openly about the preparation for the exam.

Internet has made the world smaller

Talking about the preparation, the sage says that it was a matter of earlier times when it was difficult to gather the necessary resources for the exam. But now the Internet has made the world very small. With one click, you will get every information related to the exam. Whether it is books, whether guidance, strategy, any subject-specific material or anything else, everything can be found on one click.

Rishi even goes so far as to say that going to Delhi and coaching in the midst of UPSC candidates is considered very important, whereas it is not so. Every material found in coaching can be found sitting at home with a good internet connection. So if you are not able to go to Delhi then do not worry. You can get all that is required for exam preparation at your home.

Part of this is joining the test series. Rishi says that the test series has an important role to be successful in this exam, so definitely join it. If you go for the offline exam then there is nothing better than that, but if it is not possible, then take the exam online but definitely.

Watch the interview given by Rishi Raj to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Sage advice –

Rishi advises other UPSC candidates to choose the option very carefully for this exam. Also keep in mind that the optional is what you want and not the other

Recommend you The subject on which you have a hold, you can do well, make it optional as Rishi had chosen electrical engineering. For which people had strongly denied him.

Before starting the preparation, do check the syllabus well and pay full attention to current affairs as well. However, Rishi did not read the paper but instead prepared the compilation of current affairs. Read from anywhere but it means preparation.

The next important thing is to collect limited books and revise them again and again. For this, you can also see question paper of previous year.

Do not ignore answer writing and pay close attention to it. Until you learn to write the answer correctly, then there is no use of studying. Analyze your answers after writing them as well. If you prepare with the right strategy and planning, then you will definitely be successful.

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