IAS Success Story: Despite facing failure three times, Namami did not stop the move and became an IAS officer in the fourth time


Success Story of IAS Topper Namami Bansal: The journey of UPSC is often long for many candidates. Year after year, even after trying, they are not selected. In such a situation, if the candidate is a girl then the pressure increases. But those whose intentions are sure, they do not panic from failures or social pressures, but continue to face them until they are selected.

Our today’s candidate Namami Bansal is like this. Namami, Rishikesh is from Uttarakhand and her early education and writing took place here. After XII, Namami moved to Delhi and graduated in Economics Honors from the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College.

After graduation, Namami worked for a few years but then decided to give UPSC CSE exam. Despite trying his best, Namami faced failure not once or two but three times. Despite this, Namami never lost her courage and became an IAS in the fourth time. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Namami spoke on various issues.

Every time is perfect for preparation –

Talking about the preparation, Namami gives the first tip that there is no proper time to prepare for the exam, from the day you decide the exam, the time is perfect. It is to be understood from this point that if you are married, working or leaving school, it has been many years, in any case you should not consider yourself less. Suppose that if you think that you can, then you can and if you cannot, then you will not be able to.

When you are committed to preparing, then in the second step, first select the books of NCERT. Namami says that these books strengthen the base, which comes in handy. Also, the concepts explained in these books are as good as you would not find them anywhere else. That’s why must read NCERT books.

Watch here the interview given by Namami Bansal to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Experience of Namami –

The next important thing Namami says is that if you feel the need of coaching, of course you join it. Coaching becomes very important for those who are unable to maintain discipline. If you too always need a push to move forward and feel that this push can be achieved through coaching, then take help of coaching at all. Although Namami himself did not take coaching and all four subjects were given from self study.

In the end, Namami advises that during the preparation of this exam, you must keep yourself motorized, adopt an optimistic attitude only then the journey will be complete. Because this journey becomes very volatile at times. Do not apply it from the heart if you fail repeatedly because you have tried your best. Do not let the efforts fall, even if it takes some time to get success. Honest effort definitely reaches the destination.

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