IAS Success Story: The strategy of the gem cracking the UPSC exam in the second attempt is different, know in detail


Success Story of IAS Topper Mani Agarwal: Mani Aggarwal passed the UPSC CSE exam of the year 2016. This was his second attempt. Mani had crossed the pre, main and interview three stages even in the first Attempt but his name was not mentioned in the PDF. Mani was a little disappointed, but she did not let this disappointment dominate herself for a long time and soon moved on.

As a result, Mani cleared the exam with 126th rank in his second Attempt. Under this, he was allotted Indian Foreign Services. In an interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track, Mani spoke on various issues, on hearing that his strategy is quite different from other candidates.

The goal was always clear –

Mani comes from those candidates who are always clear about their goals. She had decided long ago that she had to take the UPSC CSE exam and she had started preparing in this regard as well. From the graduation second year itself, Mani started reading news papers etc. for examinations so that there would not be any problem during the examination.

If we talk about Mani’s educational background, she was always very clever in studies. He got good marks everywhere, be it school or college. Mani received a BSc Honors degree in Maths from Hindu College, Delhi University and then did PG from IIT Bombay in the same subject. From here, Mani obtained a degree of M.Sc.

Since Mani’s background was in Maths, he chose Maths as his optional in UPSC. In this way, we can see that on the strength of hard work, Mani always studied while ensuring selection in a good institute.

Watch the interview given by Mani Aggarwal to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Mani experience –

Mani says that she always prepared from standard books. In the beginning, she brought basic books and NCERT books and started preparing for the first phase. They believe that for preparation, do not get into the problem of separate study material and choose the books which people have been reading for years.

Talk about coaching Mani does not consider coaching to be bad and according to him it gives good guidance but he never relied on coaching for himself and gave importance to self study. Mani believes that Naiyya does not cross without a self study.

Unlike others, Mani thinks that before the pre should start preparing for the mains, the pre is automatically covered. He believes that by reading any subject two or three times, you become so knowledgeable that you can do the work of ticking empty in the pre. But without reading in deep, you cannot write answers to men and men are the exam that ensures your selection. According to him, there is a selection from the Mains exam and rank is made from the interview.

However, keep in mind that two months before the pre, the syllabus of the men should be completely finished. When only two months of the pre-exam are left, then only focus on it. Keeping these things in mind, you can also pass the Civil Services Examination.

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