IAS Success Story: Nishant of Hindi medium tops UPSC exam in second attempt, know success tips from him


Success Story of IAS Topper Nishant Jain: Nishant Jain of Meerut topped UPSC CSE exam in 2014 in his second attempt. Nishant of Hindi medium comes from very humble background and has been schooled from an ordinary government school. At the time when Nishant topped the UPSC CSE exam, the candidates of Hindi were not doing well at that time. However Nishant did not panic and he never gave up Hindi.

Another special thing about Nishant’s journey is that Nishant had never experienced failure in his career before taking the Civil Services Examination. He was always topping every field, whether studies or sports. In such a situation, when for the first time Nishant failed in the Civil Services Examination, he was very disappointed for a moment. However soon he took over himself and accepted this defeat and moved forward. As a result of this, Nishant was not only selected in the next attempt but he also topped the 13th rank.

Always chose Hindi –

Nishant talks about his life and says that he started working from a very young age because he believes in taking care of his own expenses. For this reason, he did a variety of jobs, including jobs from Group C to Group A upon becoming an IAS. Since class X, Nishant has been working somewhere and was studying as well. During this time, no matter the job, BA, MA degree, Nishant has always made Hindi the medium.

Even when it was the turn to give UPSC, Nishant did not fall for his decision and took the exam with the idea that answers should be correct and effective, then in which language they are being given, it does not matter. However, here he says to pay attention to one thing that before calling himself a Hindi scholar, really hold on to this language. By grip, it means that you should know Hindi, write, speak, understand and read and do not make mistakes while doing any of these things.

Watch the interview given by Nishant Jain to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Nishant’s advice –

Nishant’s command on Hindi is very good, but it does not mean that he does not know English. Nishant knows English more than necessary. Talking about this, Nishant shares his experience that in many websites, notes etc. are found in English only. In addition, there are some topics which are available only in English, so you should also have an understanding of this language to prepare well.

The next important advice Nishant gives is that when you lose in this journey, do not get upset and keep trying constantly. When Nishant himself failed in UPSC CSE and UPPCS exam for the same year, he was very disappointed for a few days. But then he mustered up and learned from this song, which states, “Ruk jana nahi tu kahin haar ke …..” On the lines of this song, Nishant tried again and not only succeeded but also became a topper. That too in an environment when the percentage of people who got success from Hindi was very less.

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