IAS Success Story: Lokesh completed UPSC’s journey from IIT to IAS, these struggles


Success Story of IAS Topper Lokesh Yadav: Lokesh Yadav of Faridabad is one of those candidates whose entire life is so strict that it seems as if its script has been written. They get success rates in life and excel in the field they go to. However, their hard work and years of preparation are behind it, as well as proper planning, where all decisions are taken thoughtfully and proceeded accordingly.

Lokesh, after studying from twelfth to good numbers, gave the JEE exam and got selected. After this, he graduated from IIT Delhi. After graduation, Lokesh chose the path of management and reached IIM Indore by passing the CAT exam. From here, he did MBA ie PG. Even with such successes, Lokesh did not have his mind and he decided to give UPSC CSE exam. It was his determination that here too he got success in the first time. In the year 2018, Lokesh got selected in his first ambassador and he became IAS. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Lokesh talked about his UPSC Journey, know in detail.

Start strong with less books –

As soon as Lokesh starts talking, the first advice is that first of all, you should believe in yourself that you can clear this exam only then you will be able to pass the exam. If your intentions stagger with yourself then it is difficult to get success.

Second important thing is to keep limited source. Lokesh says keep books to a minimum and revise them again and again. Just keep in mind that the books should be according to the syllabus and in the books you are choosing, no subject should be left anywhere. If there is any subject which is not in those books, then consult the Internet for it.

According to Lokesh, the next important thing is mock test. When the preparation is done to a certain extent, then start giving mock tests, because of this you know your real situation. According to your performance in these tests, improve the areas where there is scope for improvement.

See here the interview given by Lokesh Yadav to the Delhi Knowledge Track –


Lokesh’s advice –

Lokesh believes that Essay, Ethics and Optional, these three papers are very important for you, which candidates often ignore. Pay equal attention to them and understand that they can make a big difference in your rank. Please write at least ten to twelve essays before the exam. This makes your practice, speed also increases and paper ends within the time limit. Similarly, pay attention to the paper of Ethics and Optional. Give mock tests on all three stages of the exam. Lokesh also gave a lot of mock and he benefited a lot from it.

In the end, Lokesh advises that your background or schooling etc. does not matter. The day you decide in your mind, you also get success on that day. Just be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices for this. Go with the right strategy in the right direction, the floor will definitely be found.

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