IAS Success Story: Harsha topped the UPSC exam in first time, how to become an IAS engineer with UPSC exam, read


Success Story of IAS Topper Koya Sree Harsha: The 2017 topper Koya Shri Harsha passed the UPSC CSE exam with 6th rank in his first attempt. Koya had done engineering from NIT Jamshedpur before coming into the field of UPSC. After graduation, Koya worked in a company for a few years and during this time he thought of taking the UPSC exam and left the job and came to Delhi for preparation.

Since Koya did not take long to succeed, his stay in Delhi was also not very long. In the preparation of the same year, Koya was not only selected in the first semester but he also topped the 6th rank. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Koya talked about various aspects of her journey.

Do not worry about the choice of books –

Talking about Koya Preparation, first of all, it is advisable not to worry about the selection of the right books. Koya says that almost every candidate reads the books the same, just their way of studying is different, which makes someone topper, so despite a million attempts, one cannot succeed. Koya’s advice is to keep books limited and read those books again and again. Not only this, they also share its method.

Koya says, for the first time, read any book only once, like a story book. By this you will know which parts of it are necessary. In the next reading, cover those parts and either mark important things or keep writing somewhere in the form of notes.

Koya says the next important thing is to watch NCERT books. According to them, they do base preparation for preparation, so never skip them.

Must see NCERT books from class 6 to 12, it helps a lot. Take special care of the syllabus and carry out the preparation even if you stick to it.

Watch the interview given by Koya Shri Harsha to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Koya experience –

In the end, Koya suggests that syllabus should be prepared only after watching it properly and read it repeatedly from limited books. When the preparation reaches a level, give a mock test. With them, your practice is done and your shortcomings are also known in time.

Similarly, the next important thing is the choice of optional. Optional plays an important role in your success, so select it very carefully. If there is a problem in the elections, then look at the papers of the previous year so that the subject gets a good idea.

Divide the preparation in pieces and proceed by making a schedule of everything. Which topic to start when to read, when to finish, all should follow a rule. Studying with planning in the right direction is very important to pass this exam. Do not keep any doubt in mind about your success, trust in yourself is very important to clear the exam.

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