IAS Success Story: Riddhima, who failed in the first Attempt, did not dare to break down on a lot of struggle, finally became an IAS Officer


Success Story of IAS Toper Riddhima Srivastava: Riddhima Srivastava in his second attempt in the year 2018 topped the UPSC CSE examination with 74th rank. In its earlier attempt, Riddhima had failed on the pre stage itself. However, Riddhima is not one of those candidates who is sitting there crying for her defeat, instead she learned from the mistakes of her previous attentions and passed the three stages of the exam in the second time, she was not only selected but also in the list of toppers. Joined

As a result, Riddhima got her favorite IAS post. What were the mistakes of his previous efforts and how did Riddhima get across from him, and shared these and many other things in the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track.

This was the lack of previous effort –

Riddhima says that the two biggest mistakes of her previous ambush were that she started filling the OMR sheet late on the pre-exam day. At first she was entangled in the solution of paper solving and in the end the time was reduced. This point often seems too small for candidates when they are asked to fill OMR sheets in time, practice it, but Riddhima has a live example of how seriously it should be taken.

Riddhima’s second mistake was that she had become very upset on the exam day, she had taken a lot of stress. Due to this, she could not give her hundred percent in the paper. Riddhima also advises other candidates not to take stress at all on the exam day. In order to avoid the natural stress, take the exam in a completely examined environment at the time of conducting the exam in your home everyday for a few days. This will give you practice and maybe less stress on the main exam day.

Watch the interview given by Riddhima Srivastava to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Learning of Riddhima

Talking about the preparation, Riddhima says that keep your sources limited and finish them frequently and revise them again and again. The more times you revise, the better. Riddhima says that she divided her time-slot as to how many days to finish the first revision, in how many second and in how many third. The goal was to get revision at least three times before the exam.

Along with revision, pay full attention to answer writing practice. For this, there is only one solution as much as possible. Riddhima also wrote many tears and practiced a lot. According to him, do not choose sectional paper for practice. Solve the whole paper instead.

Riddhima advises other candidates to make strict rules for themselves during preparation and follow them. As Riddhima had set, she has to wake up early in the morning, stay away from social media, revise daily and also keep analyzing her preparations. After writing the answers, she used to check them herself and overcome the deficiency she found in comparison to the toppers answer. Riddhima had set some things for herself which she always followed. These may be different for every candidate, but one thing is certain that to clear this exam, discipline, hard work and effort in the right direction is necessary.

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