IAS Success Story: Nandini, who always prepares with job, cracked exam in second attempt, success achieved through this strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Nandini Maharaj: Whether or not to do any other work during the preparation of UPSC CSE exam is a choice of the candidate. Often, candidates do not opt ​​to do other work with the preparation when there is no compulsion. But our toppers today are among the candidates who did not have any pressure or compulsion on them, yet they always prepared for the exam while working. Actually, Nadini is one of those candidates who cannot always enter the books.

On the contrary, she believes that even if you are not immersed in books day and night, read as much as you can, and read with good heart. With this mantra, Nadini prepared for the exam, did a job and also gave full time to her hobby dassing. Even with this type of schedule, he was selected in the second attempt. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Nadini spoke openly about the preparation for the exam.

Always live a disciplined life –

Nadini is among those who attach great importance to discipline in life. Both his parents are bureaucrats and perhaps that’s why Nadini and his sister always grew up in a very disciplined environment. From childhood, Nadini had good marks in every class. After the twelfth, Nadini took a degree in BA Honors History from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi. After this she went to UK for PG and did MA in applied human rights.

Nadini was always very fond of dancing and teaching children. At any point in his career, Nadini never gave up both these things. She believes that to keep the mind fresh, every candidate should give some time to their hobbies. Whether Nadini lived in India, whether abroad, she never stopped pole dancing and teaching children.

His attachment to teaching can be understood only from the fact that after PG, he took the responsibility of teaching history in a coaching and chose his optional history in UPSC. In this way, when she taught history to other candidates, her own revision was also done.

Watch here the interview given by Nandini Maharaj to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Nandini Tips –

Nadini says that after her hobbies and jobs, she could only spend 6 to 7 hours a day studying, which according to her is enough. Nadini believes that if time is managed properly, there is so much time. First of all, Nadini advises to watch syllabus and choose books accordingly. She says that there are only two ways to know about topics, either look at the syllabus or solve previous year’s question papers. From this, you get to know various topics and how they are asked questions.

Nadini considers the Essay and Ethics paper to be less important due to the lack of selection in the first Attempt. They also had problems with maps. He worked on all these points in the second attempt and corrected them. She also advises to see the interview of toppers for preparation, although she also believes that listen to everyone’s mind, do what is right for you. Create your strategy according to yourself.

When Nadini was in mains, she did not want to take any risk and started preparing for the interview. His hard work eventually paid off and he was selected with the 42nd rank in the second attempt.

Nadini advises other candidates that if properly planned and focused and studied, you can crack the exam while doing other things along with studies.

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