IAS Success Story: IIT Graduate Integration, IAS made in first attempt, soon gets floor from right strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Ekta Singh: Ekta Singh is one of those lucky candidates who collects all the information about an exam before giving it and do some planning that their first attempt becomes final. Succeeding in the first adventure is difficult but not impossible. UPSC exam can also be cracked at once with proper strategy and planning. Some candidates even talk about the importance of the first attempt and even advise that it be considered final and take the exam. There is no harm in the enthusiasm that will come from you. Not only this, the matter of first attempt does not remain in later efforts.

Considering these things, Ekta too put her life to life in her first attempt and in the year 2016 was selected with 101 rank. According to the rank, he got the rank of IAS. A year before this, in the year 2015, Ekta got her graduation degree from IIT BHU and immediately started preparing for this exam. Know the tips to clear the exam with Ekta, about whom she spoke in the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track.

Considers coaching helpful –

Ekta had joined coaching during her preparation and compared to other candidates, she considers it helpful for success. Not only this, Ekta admits that during her one-year preparation, she benefited a lot from coaching.

According to him, the second important point to crack this exam is the preparation of current affairs. Especially for the pre exam, Ekta considers current affairs very important. She says that during the entire preparation, definitely read the news paper and read it daily. Even after this, if something is left, cover it with the help of monthly magazines.

If you want, you can also make notes of some subjects. It is up to you to make notes of which topic or which topic, but one thing is certain that with the help of them revision is easily done. Here Ekta does not forget to make one thing clear that as everyone’s strategy is different and the strategy of one does not work for the other, in the same way do everything from revision to planning according to yourself. Do not copy anyone.

Watch here interview given by Ekta Singh to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Unity advice –

Ekta says some key things from her experience, like read NCERT books at the beginning of preparation, do not come directly to standard books. If you proceed without clearing the basics, then there will be trouble.

Another important thing is limited resources. She says you can collect any number of books, some topics are such, whose information is not found in those books. You can use the Internet for such a situation because a separate book cannot be kept for every subject. This does not allow revision in the end.

The next important thing is the test series, definitely join it. With them you get to know your shortcomings and you are able to improve them with time. If you are not able to join the test series, then prepare by looking at the papers of previous years. The only issue is to remove your deficiencies in time and also improve them where needed. If you prepare with calm mind and conscious mind in the right direction, then you will definitely be successful.

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