IAS Success Story: How did Himanshu, who could not pass the pre exam in the first attempt, topped in the second time? Learn


Success Story of IAS Topper Himanshu Jain: Himanshu Jain of Haryana topped the All India Rank four in the UPSC CSE examination of the year 2019. This was his second attempt. In the first attempt, Himanshu could not clear the pre exam either. Himanshu belongs to a small village in Haryana and proves that you do not have to be from a particular background to pass the UPSC exam. A candidate with a simple background can also succeed on hard work.

Actually, UPSC does not mean your background, number of previous exams, your financial status etc. You get points based on what you write and merit is made based on what you speak. Any candidate from any background, can clear this exam. Himanshu Jain talked about how he cleared the exam in the second attempt, in an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track.

Being an IAS was not a childhood dream

Himanshu says that he does not come from those candidates who always dream of becoming IAS. He first thought about this service during his graduation. However, Himanshu, a stellar performer of the tune, decided once and after that he started preparing for the day and night. If we talk about Himanshu’s educational background, then his studies up to 8th were held in the village itself. From class nine to twelve, he studied in Delhi and from here he obtained BA Economics Honors degree from Hansraj College. It was only after graduation that he came forward to prepare for UPSC.

As far as the failure of the first attempt is concerned, Himanshu says that he had given this prompt in a hurry. At this time, he was not fully prepared. The result was that he was not selected and he was out on the first stage. However, Himanshu did not lose courage due to this failure and prepared again with double strength. The result is in front of everyone when Himanshu not only got selected but also became a topper with the singles digit rank.

Watch the interview given by Himanshu Jain to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Himanshu’s advice –

Himanshu advises other UPSC candidates that their strategy is different to crack the exam. One’s strategy never works for the other. Therefore, plan for yourself according to your strength and weekend. If Himanshu speaks for himself, he does not believe in studying day and night. According to them, give time to other things as well and keep taking breaks in between. Himanshu himself used to sit up in the morning to read and used to get up only when he was hungry. After this, it was their choice whether to read it or not, but no compulsion was used.

Himanshu advises to pay a lot of attention to his health along with studies. For this, take a separate time throughout the day. Take care of diet along with exercise and do not eat food that causes lethargy and brain does not work, such as junk food.

In the end, Himanshu says that during this journey you will find many types of people who will demotivate you in many ways. Do not be sad about such people and keep your eyes on the target. Revise countless times with limited sources, according to Himanshu, this is the key to success.

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