IAS Success Story: First Doctor then UPSC Topper, Gopal Krishna who succeeded on every front of career, shared his success mantra


Success Story of IAS Topper Gopal Krishna: UPSC journey of Bengaluru’s Gopal Krishna was very difficult. He failed twice before finally being selected in 2017 and ironically, he came close to success both times and lost. If you tell about Gopal’s UPSC Journey, in the first attempt, he reached the mains but could not proceed.

In the second attempt, all three stages were cleared, but when the result came, there was no name in the PDF. That is, they did not get selected even after crossing all three stages. Gopal still did not lose courage and gave a third attempt. He was lucky for the third time and his name was in the list of selected candidates but due to low rank he got Indian Audit and Account Service.

Gopal was not satisfied with this and tried again, that is, he took the exam for the fourth time. Eventually his years of hard work paid off and in the fourth time he got his favorite IAS post.

Prior to joining this field, Gopal had graduated in medicine. After leaving a solid career, he took the risk of coming into this field and reached the destination after hard work. In fact, after graduation, Gopal also worked for three years and then came into this field with the idea of ​​giving UPSC. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Gopal openly discussed his journey.

Do not disclose until all the steps are passed –

Gopal says that Motivating Elements do very strong work during this journey. Therefore it is important to stay as far away from negative people and their negative things as possible. People have to say something in every condition no matter what you do. Even when Gopal left the path of medicine, he faced similar taunts.

Gopal gives another advice that no matter how much time is taken while giving exams and being successful, do not disclose it in front of everyone. If you have given the exam and the first or second phase has been passed, do not discuss it with anyone. Keep it secret until the last selection is made. When people come to know during the journey, there are very similar reactions, which is not good for you.

You can also watch inspirational movies to stay Motivated throughout the journey. Also, take a quality break in the middle of studies so that your mind is fresh.

Watch the interview given by Gopal Krishna to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Take advantage of Internet

Gopal advises other candidates to do smart studies during preparation. Especially if you are a working professional, then keep this thing in mind. For this work, take help of internet where you get everything on one click. Do not waste time in making notes etc. Instead, use the made notes found in coaching institutes instead. Overall, if you do smart work with hardwork, then only you will be able to achieve success.

In the end, just pay a lot of attention to the answer writing, because you will get marks based on what you write, no matter how much you get. For this, practice is the only option.

Trust yourself no matter how many times you fail. If you are determined and start efforts with the same faith, then if not today then tomorrow you will definitely get success.

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