IAS Success Story: Two attempts and successful in both, UPSC journey of Kanchan


Success Story of IAS Topper Kanchan: It is said that there are two ways of learning in life. One is to learn from one’s own experiences and second, to learn from the mistakes of others. The advice is also given that if you always try to learn by yourself, then time will be reduced. So take education from the experiences of others and move forward. Kanchan of Sirsa in Haryana also adopted the same technique and passed the UPSC CSE exam yesterday in the very first attempt at a very young age. However, Kanchan was not satisfied with the rank he got this year and he again gave the ambassador. Finally, in his second attempt, Kanchan topped the UPSC CSE examination with a rank of 35. With this, she got her mind-boggling IAS post, for which she was eager since childhood. Kanchan has always wanted to become an IAS. Only before giving this exam, she wanted to complete the required education. In an interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track, Kanchan talked about her UPSC journey.

Childhood dream was to become an IAS

Kanchan wanted to become an IAS since childhood. So when this rank was not found in the first attempt, they tried again. If we talk about the educational background of Kanchan, then Kanchan was good in studies from a young age. Her initial education took place in Sirsa and she moved to Chandigarh for later studies. After 12th, Kanchan shifted to Delhi and graduated in law from the law university there. Soon after completion of graduation, Kanchan started preparing for UPSC CSE exam.

Since Kanchan did his graduation in law and this was his favorite subject, so he made his optional law in UPSC as well. This helped her a lot because she had read this subject earlier as well as it was her favorite subject.

See here the interview given by Kanchan to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Pay special attention to syllabus and strategy –

Talking about Kanchan preparation, she says that first of all, pay full attention to the syllabus. She considers syllabus so important that she advises that if possible, she should remember it. After this, come to another important point and that is to make strategy. For this, Kanchan is of the opinion that from the internet or from wherever you want to see the strategy of others or take guidance, take your preparation on your own basis, that is, make your own strategy only according to yourself and not according to others.

The next important thing is to keep limited source. Kanchan says after watching the syllabus, keep the books limited or else the course will never end and you will not be able to come to the next important stage ie revision. Read less books again and again.

When the preparation reaches a level, give a mock test. It gives benefits in many ways. You will be able to know which strategy works for you. Adopt it and remove the mistakes you are making during the test in time.

In the end, Kanchan says that make a study time-table and prepare accordingly so that no essential part is missed from you. In what time, what to finish, write everything down and go to the same recording. Along with studies, be engaged in such activities that keep you fresh.

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