IAS Success Story: Story of celebration of IAS from Engineer is very inspiring, know how to succeed in a journey full of struggles


Success Story of IAS Topper Utsav Gautam: The 2017 Topper Utsav is originally from Agra Uttar Pradesh. He got success in UPSC CSE exam in his fourth attempt. Even before this, he had given the exam three times but got stuck on some stage. During this time, he faced all kinds of problems but never stepped back. Finally, in the year 2017, Utsav got the result of his hard work when he topped the rank of 33 Prior to trying luck in the field of UPSC, Utsav has also graduated from IIT Patna. What kind of ups and downs Utsav saw in these four years, he shared in an interview with Delhi Knowledge Track.

How did UPSC care?

Utsav says that UPSC is a service through which you can bring many positive changes in society. Therefore, if your tendency is towards such a task, then you can try your hand in the field of civil services. Actually, Utsav was keen to join civil services since childhood, but it took some time to get the idea real. Utsav was always good in studies and he got good marks in almost every class. After XII, Utsav graduated from IIT Patna and also worked for one year. However, after spending some time in the job, he realized that this is not his destination. With this idea, Utsav left the job and started preparing for UPSC day and night. Despite hard work, Utsav had to face failure many times in the beginning but they did not back down. Eventually, he got the desired success.

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Celebration experience –

Talking about his preparations, Utsav says that he did not choose any different books, but only selected basic books. Just kept in mind that they read it again and again. Along with this, they also consider NCERT books very important for preparation.

Utsavs for Mains recommend paying extra attention to the optional. However, according to them, do not underestimate any subject and prepare everyone equally. For example, candidates of ESSE and Ethics often ignore the candidates and then face trouble. More marks can be found in these papers with less effort, so pay equal attention to them.

Utsav advises other UPSC candidates to focus well on revision to perform well in this exam. Understand that all reading is useless if you do not revise. There is nothing better than practice. Decide what you decide within the same time-frame.

In the end, just keep your inner piece and work hard, you will definitely get success. Do not let external troubles dominate your mind. Many times we make things blossom which becomes harmful. Therefore, prepare with a calm mind will definitely be successful.

IAS Success Story: IIT first, then IAS in the first attempt, how Shreyans decided the journey of successes, know

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