IAS Success Story: Improve your shortcomings Gautam passed UPSC exam in second attempt, know the secret of his success


Success Story of IAS Topper Gautam Goyal: Every year a large number of candidates take the UPSC exam. Some of these are selected but some are left empty-handed despite trying their best. Gautam Goyal, who passed the UPSC CSE exam in the year 2018, also knew this. But in spite of this, he left his well-established career and took the path of UPSC and eventually failed after initially failing. Actually Gautam took the risk but calculated.

He wanted to set his career before trying his luck in this field. Although it was his childhood dream to sit in the UPSC examination, before getting into it, Gautam completed his graduation and post graduation from BITS Pilani. After this, he also started doing a good job. After crossing so many stages of his career, Gautam decided to give the UPSC CSE exam. However, despite all the preparations, Gautam was not selected in the first attempt. But instead of being disappointed with this failure, Gautam learned and crossed the three stages of the exam in the second attempt. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Gautam talked about his journey.

First Attempt Mistake –

Gautam says that the mistake of his first prompt was that he did not practice answer writing properly. Because of this, they did not get good marks in men. They could not write the answers the way they were meant to be written. However, this year Gautam had also given the Indian Forest Service Examination, in which he not only succeeded but also became a topper. Gautam’s name has also been recorded before. Gautam’s performance in his college was so good that he got a job on a big package as soon as he left from there. However, Inspire Gautam left the job with his father and came to try his luck in this field. Gautam’s father is a government officer and since childhood Gautam wanted to do something similar to him. With this idea, he came into the UPSC field and reached the destination in the second attempt.

Watch the interview given by Gautam Goyal to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

In this way increase the level of your answers –

Gautam gives tips for answering writing and says that start your answers as best you can. This makes your first impression on the examiner good. Give the same number of questions as possible for that question. However, write something in your answer that makes it special. Such as diagrams, figures, facts, quotes, anicdotes, charts, flow-charts, maps, tables, etc. These add value to your answers. Keep one thing in mind that do not rush to write the answer and write the answer only after properly understanding what has been asked. That is to say, do not deviate from the issue nor write what comes, rather write what has been asked.

Apart from this, some of the other suggestions are to write subheadings in the answers, if something is necessary, underline it. It will all come from practice. In between, keep comparing your answers with others and keep removing the deficiency that you see. You can also get success by keeping these things in mind.

IAS Success Story: Three years, three attempts, three successful, Akash fulfills the dream of becoming an IAS with this strategy

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