IAS Success Story: Engineer to IPS and then IAS, Dipankar Chaudhary reached his destination from this strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Dipankar Choudhary: Dipankar Chaudhary’s UPSC journey has not been easy. He was selected twice in the UPSC CSE exam after giving nearly five years of his career. IPS post found in the first rank according to rank. Dipankar joined this service but he was not satisfied with it. He joined this post and kept preparing. In the next attempt, Dipankar got the floor when he got selected in the UPSC CSE exam with 42nd rank. With this, he got the post of IAS according to his mind.

If we look at Dipankar’s educational background, Dipankar has obtained an engineering degree from Delhi before coming to the field of UPSC. Dipankar had no intention of coming to this field until his graduation. As a result, after graduation, he started working in a company. After working for a few years here, Dipankar got the idea of ​​UPSC and he got ready. Even after a lot of effort, Dipankar failed in the first two attempts. But learning from his mistakes, Dipankar achieved success in the third and fourth attempts.

Dipankar Experience –

Dipankar shares his experience saying that he never took much stress about books. Prepared with the help of standard books which are available in the market. They say that changing the book does not matter much, but how well you are reading and revising that book makes a difference.

Talking further in this subject, Dipankar says that monthly current affairs magazines are very important. Read their compilation. Prepare according to the syllabus and the topics given in the syllabus must be prepared. If time is short, you can do selective study, but selective study cannot be advised in an exam like UPSC.

Unlike other candidates, Dipankar believes that for this examination, not less than one year and two and a half years of current affairs should be read. According to him, the pattern of current affairs has become very important in the pattern of examination nowadays.

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Dipankar’s advice –

Dipankar then comes to two main points. First is revision and second test papers. They say that no matter how much they study but do not revise, then all is useless. Describing his example, Dipankar says that in four attempts, he had read a book so many times that he could tell on tips which paragraph of which book is written on which page.

The second important point is to give test papers so that your preparation can be tested. Here Dipankar does not forget to add one thing that giving paper does not work. After giving the paper, analyze it, so that it is known where there is deficiency.

In the end, all that you need is to take care of your physical and mental health along with your studies. Add exercise in the schedule of the day as well as do something that keeps your mind fresh. If you are not healthy then how will study be. Therefore, do not consider health necessary and pay full attention to it as well.

IAS Success Story: Three years, three attempts, three successful, Akash fulfills the dream of becoming an IAS with this strategy

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