IAS Success Story: After three years, three attempts and three successes, Akash fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS with this strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Akash Bansal: When we talk of UPSC toppers, many types of candidates come in front of us. This journey is not easy for anyone, but where even after a few years of passing candidates, they are longing to see their name in PDF. At the same time, there are some candidates like Akash, who crack UPSC CSE exam not once but thrice.

Not only this, Akash, who was successful with the first attempt, made three attempts in three years and he was successful in all three, and his rank also got better than before. However, Akash always had an IAS post in his mind, so he did not stop trying until IAS was made. How Akash cracked the exam repeatedly, he told in an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track. Learn their full story.

Such was the UPSC journey of Akash –

Akash started taking the UPSC CSE exam from the year 2016. This year was his first attempt and in the first time Akash passed all the three stages of the examination. The result was that in the year 2016, Akash was selected with 165th rank. According to the rank, he was allotted the Indian Revenue Service. Although Akash was not happy with this service, he joined here in the process of taking calculated risk and continued preparations. Where there is no certain examination like UPSC, Akash was taking the risk of giving exams again and again.

According to the plan, in 2017, he again took the exam and this year came the rank of 130. Under this rank, Akash did not accept this position on Indian Foreign Services. This was the second big risk that Akash took. Aakash-sure Akash took the exam for the third time in the year 2018 and finally he got the result of his years of hard work when he was selected with the 76th rank and his favorite post was selected for the IAS. In this way, Akash’s series of repeated exams reached the destination after the third attempt.

Watch here interview given by Aakash Bansal to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Answer writing is most important for success

Akash shares the key to his success and says that a large part of your success depends on answer writing. You will get marks as you type the answer. It is the difference between you and other candidates that you are also studying, you are also studying, but in the words of the educated person who is able to mold them, he becomes the winner.

Akash says the other important thing that while writing answers is the root of success, learning how to write answers correctly is not difficult either. It is not that in order to get command on this art, you have to do something different, it can be learned only by practice. In addition to the test series for practice, see previous year paper of UPSC. They get a lot of benefit from them. You can also see a copy of the toppers.

In the end, Akash is of the opinion that as far as possible write in the tears point and not directly talk about the issue directly. To make your answers effective, insert diagrams, flowcharts, tables, facts, data, exams, reports, figures etc. and finish the paper within time. Solve the paper completely because many times candidates leave the paper. Completion of paper within time will also come from practice. You can also be successful by taking care of these few small but important things.

IAS Success Story: Very inspiring story of celebration from engineer to IAS, know how to succeed in a journey full of struggles

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