IAS Success Story: IIT first, then IAS in first attempt, how Shreyans set the journey of successes, know


Success Story of IAS Topper Shreyans Kumat: Shreyans Kumat not only passed the UPSC CSE exam in his first attempt in the year 2018 but also became a topper with All India Rank Four. While most candidates crave a success even after repeated exams, there are others like candidates who are not only selected in the first attempt but also bring up the singles digit rank. Seeing the success of Shreyans, it shows how right their strategy, planning and hard work will be, which crossed all the three stages in the first time. Not only this, Shreyans have also graduated from IIT Bombay, which is considered very Prestigious. Overall, it would not be wrong to put Shreyans in the category of meritorious students. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Shreyans spoke openly about various ups and downs in her UPSC journey.

Since childhood, he was brilliant –

Shreyans was very good from childhood. One thing in his life makes this point stronger. When he was in LKG, he got such good numbers that he got permission to skip a class. At this stage, he proved that his IQ is much better than the rest of his children.

As far as the area of ​​civil services is concerned, Shreyans did not always plan to join this field. Although his grandfather wanted him to go to this field, there was no pressure on Shreyans. The result was that according to his mind Shreyans graduated from IIT Bombay and also worked for two years in a good company. During this time, he got the idea of ​​civil service and after leaving the job Shreyans started preparing. As Shreyans had always excelled in every field, he also kept this record here and became the first topper with All India Rank Four for the first time.

Watch the interview given by Shreyans Kumat to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

The thoughtful decision was UPSC CSE –

Shreyans are not among those who decide to turn to that person after listening to someone or on the status of a profession. During many trips during the job, Shreyans met every person associated with the government department. Talked to a grade C employee and officers to a grade person. Finally, after getting complete information about this, he decided to enter the field of civil service.

If we talk about preparation, Shreyans did not take the help of coaching and decided to pass the exam only by self study and showed it to be true. He first gathered all the information about the exam and started preparing day and night. He left the job and started reading for 8 to 10 hours daily. He laid great emphasis on regular studies and revision. Along with this, a lot of mock tests were given. As a result, Shreyans achieved success in the first attempt in the year 2018. Shreyans changed their field but only when their heart was not under any kind of pressure.

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