IAS Success Story: IAS officer became satisfied between marriage and job responsibility, completed the journey in the fourth attempt


Success Story of IAS Toper Trupti Ankush: UPSC Journey of Trupti Ankush Dodmise of Maharashtra is special in many ways. Firstly, due to being married, the responsibility was comparatively more on him, secondly he never quit his job during these efforts. However, this fulfillment did not come easily when Tripti made up his mind to take the UPSC CSE exam amidst double responsibility. Initially, he had repeated failures and at one time he felt satisfied that Sati had decided to leave this area. In such a situation, her husband helped her to return her lost confidence and in the fourth attempt, Trupti topped the 16th rank. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Trupti talked about her journey in detail.

Selection in Maharashtra Civil Services –

Trupti has also passed the Maharashtra Civil Services Examination before passing the UPSC CSE exam. In this service, Trupti was selected in the second Attempt and according to the rank, he got a job in GST department. Even before that, after graduating from engineering, Tripti was working in a company. Since completion of graduation in 2010, satiety continued to work somewhere. Apart from this, she also kept preparing for some or the other exam with the job. In fact, during her first job, she felt that her abilities were much more than this and that she could not spend time in this job throughout her life. With this thought, he started preparing for the UPSC exam and also gave the MPPSC exam. Here he was selected in the second attempt.

See here interview given by Trupti Dodmise to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Satiety Advice –

Trupti says that it is true that it is not easy to crack UPSC exam but it is not that it cannot be cracked. According to him everything is based on your mind and your thinking. If you think that you can, then you will really do it and if you think that you cannot, you will not. You are perfect in both ways. Giving her example, Trupti says that even after reaching the interview round in the year 2016, she was so depressed due to lack of selection that she could not even pass the pre exam next year and the reason behind it was not preparation but lack of confidence. . Therefore, right planning and right strategy is necessary to pass this exam, as well as trust in yourself. Trust yourself then only you will get success. Understand that both your success or failure is in your hands. It will be what you think. So go in the right direction and believe in yourself.

IAS Success Story: Failed four times but did not stop pace, interested in fifth time passed UPSC exam

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