IAS Success Story: failed four times but did not stop pace, interested in fifth time passed UPSC exam


Success Story of IAS Topper Ruchi Bindal: The journey of UPSC is different for everyone. If someone reaches the floor quickly, someone takes time. In such a situation, if you are a woman candidate and this journey stretches for a long time, then all kinds of problems also come. But the one who completes this journey with patience without being troubled by these troubles is called the winner. The story of our today’s topper’s struggle is also similar. Ruchi Jindal passed the UPSC CSE exam in his fifth attempt in the year 2019. Prior to this, he got failure four times on some stage. Five attempts mean at least seven years of struggle. During this time, it is praiseworthy to maintain patience of interest and not to lose courage. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Ruchi talked about his journey of these years.

Frequent failures –

If we look at the five attempts of interest, then it comes to light that three times out of five, she got stuck at the pre stage itself, i.e. she could not pass the pre exam. When a candidate gets out in the first phase again and again, then it is bound to come to the mind that somewhere in the wrong area. But Ruchi had confidence in himself. Eventually, his confidence paid off and interest in the fourth attempt passed all three stages. However, his struggle was still pending as he was not selected even after this. It was a matter of disappointment, but interest showed courage and made a fifth attempt by removing the minds of those around. This effort finally paid off and in 2019, Ruchi not only passed the exam for the fifth time but also became a topper with 39th rank, which earned him his desired IAS post.

Watch here the interview given by Ruchi Bindal to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Experience of interest –

Ruchi shares his experience and says that first of all, keep your sources limited and keep in mind that they have to read again and again and not have to pick something new every time. Before the preparation, see the syllabus very well and you have to prepare everything given in the syllabus, keep it in mind. If you want, then write the syllabus and hang it somewhere so that you know what to read. If you prepare according to the syllabus, you will not go astray and nothing will be missed.

When the preparation reaches a level, give a mock test. Interest considers them very important for success. She says give mock as seriously as possible in a test-driven environment, it benefits a lot.

For men, interest suggests to focus on answer writing because marks are based on what you write. How much you know, it doesn’t matter to the examiner. In the end, just practice so much, give equal importance to every subject, and don’t bother if it takes time to succeed, not everyone’s journey is the same as a strategy does not work for everyone. Everyone plans according to their weekliness and strength, in the same way everyone takes their own time to get success. Do not compare yourself to anyone, just keep making honest efforts, you will definitely succeed.

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