IAS Success Story: Visakha took many years to become an IAS engineer, failed repeatedly but did not give up


Success Story of IAS Topper Vishakha Yadav: We all know how unpredictable the UPSC CSE exam is, in which nothing can be said about whether it will be successful or not. Despite repeated efforts, the floor is not found. In such a situation, there are some candidates like Visakha Yadav, who take the risk of giving up their well-deserved high paid corporate jobs and take the UPSC CSE exam. The matter seems to get worse when Vishakha is not selected once or twice in spite of preparing hard after leaving the job. It is obvious that in such a situation there is tension and it seems that there is no wrong decision. But in such a situation, one who does not lose courage becomes the winner. Such is our present-day topper Visakha, who finally not only cleared the exam in the third attempt but also became the topper with 6th rank. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Visakha spoke about her journey’s mistakes and the lessons she learned.

Family’s dream was to go to civil service

Visakha says that she dreamed of going into the field of civil service in childhood, about which she was able to make efforts at the ground level after some time. Not only this, Vishaka says that along with him his parents also wanted that Visakha should try his hand in the field of civil services.

If we talk about Visakha’s background, he was born and educated in Delhi. She has always been a brilliant student and had good marks in almost every class. After XII, Visakha did engineering and also worked in a company for two years. Here, he did not feel like leaving the job and took up the preparation of UPSC. In this way, Visakha has come a long way even before coming to the field of UPSC.

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Mistakes and learnings of past attitudes –

Visakha admits that the biggest mistake of her previous attempts was that she had collected too many resources due to which she was not able to revise properly and another mistake was that she gave too few mock tests, which did not make her practice. Was She believes that to clear this exam, mock tests are very important from which you get to know how many questions you can get the cut-off, as well as your practice.

Visakha advises other candidates that continuity is very important to clear this exam. A day or two of reading will do nothing. You have to read continuously for several days and sometimes months. At least until the floor is found.

Keep in mind one thing that many times it takes more time to succeed in this exam. Do not give up in such a situation and keep trying continuously. See where there is a shortage and remove it. You can also achieve success by taking care of these small but important things.

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