IAS Success Story: Ravi of Jharkhand who failed three times topped UPSC exam in fourth time, how? Learn here


Success Story of IAS Topper Ravi Jain: The topper of the year 2019 is from Ravi Jain, Deoghar, Jharkhand. Before coming to the field of UPSC, he had studied engineering. After engineering, due to some reasons, he made up his mind to come in the field of UPSC and started preparing. Here he faced failure not once or twice but he did not give up. Ravi, who was stuck on some stage, had come to decide how to clear the exam. The same happened, after failing three times, Ravi finally topped the All India Rank Nine in the fourth attempt and found his desired post. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Ravi spoke on various issues.

Ravi’s UPSC journey was like this –

Ravi Jain’s early education was done in hometown. He was always good in reading and passed with good marks in every class. After XII, Ravi did engineering from a college in Delhi and after completion of graduation started working in a good foreign company. Here Ravi worked for about three years, but he wanted to go to some service from where he could do something for the country. With this idea, Ravi decided to quit his job and prepare for UPSC and joined coaching for this.

Ravi did not get success even after several attempts. In the first attempt, Ravi could not pass the pre exam but in both subsequent attempts he reached the interview round. However, the selection still did not happen and Ravi’s struggle lasted for a long time. Finally in the fourth attempt, Ravi not only passed the exam but also topped the ninth rank.

Watch the interview given by Ravi Jain to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Ravi’s advice

As far as joining coaching for this exam is concerned, it was understood after Ravi’s experience as well, but he advises other candidates that coaching is not needed to clear this exam. The main help comes from self study, only guidance is needed, which can be taken from the internet. Everything, blogs, interviews, strategy etc. of the toppers are available here, with the help of which you can plan for yourself.

In the end, just keep the resources limited and practice a lot. For this, looking at previous year’s question papers is also a great option. With them, the pattern of examination is known and practice is also done. Give plenty of mock tests and remove the mistakes where they are being made.

If you talk about social media, then Ravi believes that if you know what your boundary is and in any case you do not cross it, then social media can be used. By preparing in the right direction with the right planning, any candidate can achieve success in this exam. If someone travels this way, then the candidate of someone’s big but true effort reaches the floor.

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