IAS Success Story: Geetanjali, who topped the UPSC exam in the third exam, shared her preparation strategy, read


Success Story of IAS Topper Geetanjali Sharma: Geetanjali Sharma is the topper of the year 2019. He passed this examination with 32nd rank this year. This was Gitanjali’s third attempt. In the first attempt, she did not pass the pre exam and in the second, all three stages were cleared, but the final list did not make a name. According to Gitanjali, despite working hard, he did not score much in all three exams. After working on his mistakes, Gitanjali again took the exam and in the third attempt in the year 2019 not only passed all the three stages of the examination but also topped the 32 rank.

Gitanjali’s father was in Navy and Mataji was a Scientist in DRDO. For this reason, Gitanjali’s schooling took place in various cities of India. However, if you want to see the average of maximum, then he mainly studied in Delhi. Prior to taking the UPSC examination, he graduated from Hindu College in Delhi and took coaching for one year. However, he did not understand coaching very much and after a year he did self study. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Geetanjali shared her thoughts about preparing for this exam.

Do not make the exam bigger than life –

Gitanjali says that when she was not selected in the first two attempts, she understood one thing that if big goals are set then only success comes. If you achieve anything less than that goal then it is enough that the exam becomes clear. For example, if you need 50 percent marks to pass a paper, then you should always prepare according to 70 percent. With this, your mind also sets a similar goal and it becomes easier to achieve. The process of failing ends at least by some margin.

The second important thing Gitanjali says is that many times she sees the candidates that they abandon everything and admit to being in the books day and night as life. They feel that to pass this exam means that there is no work other than studies in your life. According to Geetanjali, this approach to the exam is not right. Study according to them, but do not get cut off from the other activities that relax your mind. Keep refreshing small breaks to refresh yourself, they do not waste time but increase your productivity.

Watch the interview given by Gitanjali Sharma to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Gitanjali experience –

Gitanjali says that she does not believe in the concept of limited source. According to them, if you want to get the information of a subject properly, then you have to see different sources. However, this does not mean that revision is not necessary. Gitanjali also gives equal importance to the revision. If you want, make notes for this so that there is no problem in the end.

She also says the same for mock tests. Gitanjali believes that it is necessary to give a mock test, but do not join many test series for this. With this, all the time is spent in giving the test only. Follow all the steps required to pass the exam, but take balanced approach.

In the end, Geetanjali suggests that it is very important to have a schedule to pass the exam. Like she used to make her own time-table on excel sheet and decide on which day to read which topic and by what date to finish it.

The next important advice they give is to take breaks. Gitanjali says that in general, the UPSC’s journal gets so long that it cannot be prepared by sneaking into books day and night. Do something that makes your mind fresh, please do it. Giving her example, she says that I used to take naps everyday in the afternoon, meet my friends too and constantly take short breaks in between the studies. He never considered it a waste of time.

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