IAS Success Story: Farman Ahmed failed five times, but through hard work he dreamed of becoming an IAS


Success Story of IAS Topper Farman Ahmad Khan: Hard work, patience and positivity are the three important aspects of achieving success. The person who meets these three aspects definitely gets success. Today, you will tell about the long struggle of Farman Ahmed Khan, who passed the UPSC examination. He got failure in UPSC 5 times, but did not give up hope. Finally, success was achieved in the next attempt. Farman took a long time of 7 years to fulfill his dream. During this time, he saw many ups and downs in life, but kept the courage to make the dream come true.

This is how the journey started

Farman Ahmed Khan’s dream was always to become an IAS officer. He decided to prepare for UPSC after completing his graduation. For this, he joined Jamia Coaching. They were determined that they had to go back only after getting success from here. Therefore, he prepared his study strategy and got involved in it.

5 times maintained hope despite failure

Farman Ahmed failed in UPSC exam five consecutive times. Every time he would learn from the previous mistakes and go for the exam, but the mistake would still remain. However, I was not disappointed and remained positive about my goal. He got success in the sixth attempt in UPSC examination. His journey to UPSC was about 7 years. There were many ups and downs and he had to struggle a lot. Eventually he got success.

Watch Farman Ahmed’s interview on Delhi Knowledge Track

Farman Ahmed’s advice to other candidates

Farman believes that when we get a failure, there must be some mistake behind it. We should work harder every time to correct those mistakes so that good results are made. When the candidates fail in UPSC, they get nervous. Many people leave their journey in the middle and go away. However, this should not be done. We should work hard to stay positive so that we can get success. They say that every person should make his own strategy. You cannot succeed by copying toppers. You should make your own strategy according to your own.

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