IAS Success Story: Anisha achieved success in UPSC exam by learning from her mistakes, her strategy worked like this


Success Story of IAS Anisha Tomar: Some people get quick success in UPSC exams and some people take years. Today, we will tell you about the story of Anisha Tomar, which can prove to be very effective for the students preparing for this exam. Anisha fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS by passing the UPSC exam in the third attempt. He devised a very good strategy for this. First of all, he completed his syllabus very well. After this, in every endeavor, he learned from his old mistakes and tried not to do so further. This became the key to his success. Let us know about their journey.

This is how Anisha’s journey to UPSC

Amisha was always smart in studies. After intermediate, he got admission in Punjab University, from where he obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree. After completion of graduation in 2016, he made a goal of passing the UPSC exam. He gave the UPSC exam for the first time in 2017, in which he did not get success even in the pre exam. She tried again and in the second attempt she reached the mains and was not selected for interview. He tried for the third time by improving his strategy and he got success this time. In this way, after about 4 years, his dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled.

Know which strategy did Anisha succeed

When Anisha Tomar did not get success in the first attempt, she first found her mistakes. Next time, learn from those mistakes and take the exam. There were some mistakes in the second time, which Anisha rectified in the third attempt. Eventually his strategy worked and he got success. They believe that many people make a mistake in revising their entire syllabus before the exam. Always the syllabus should be thoroughly revised. She says that instead of reading for numbers, you will rectify your mistakes, then the numbers will get better by themselves.

Watch Anisha’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Anisha’s advice to other candidates

Candidates preparing for UPSC should think about doing better by learning from their mistakes. She says that one should not be disappointed on failure, but should find those mistakes, due to which success could not be achieved. Next time, try to correct those mistakes. In the end, she says that by making a good strategy, those who work continuously get success. Sometimes it can take time to get success, but be positive and keep learning.

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