IAS Success Story: UPSC failed many times, then started working in a company, then IAS became Bisakha


Success Story of IAS Topper Bishakha Jain: On the failure of UPSC’s journey, many people get disappointed and lose hope. In such a situation, people who keep preparing after patience after failure, definitely get success. A similar story is of Bisakha Jain, who failed the UPSC exam four times, but his dream was fulfilled in the fifth attempt. After three consecutive failures, she became frustrated and joined CA’s job. However, even after this, he continued preparations and he got success.

Been a topper in studies since childhood

Bisakha Jain was very good from childhood and studied very well in high school and intermediate. After this, he appeared for CA entrance examination and he got success in this too. He decided to enter UPSC after completing his CA studies. She hoped that she would pass the UPSC exam. This happened but for this they had to work for many years.

UPSC’s journey was like this

In the year 2015, Bisakha took the UPSC exam for the first time. She could not succeed in this. She reached the interview in the second attempt, but her dream could not be fulfilled this time too. She did not get success even in the third attempt and after that she got frustrated. In such a situation, he joined a job in a corporate company. Although his dream was still to become an IAS. While working, she continued her preparation and made a fourth attempt, in which she could not pass the pre exam. He tried once again and he passed the pre exam. After this, he resigned from his job and started preparing for Mains. This time his luck was good and his selection was done. In this way, he got success after many ups and downs.

Watch here Bisakha Jain interview given on Delhi Knowledge Track

Bisakha’s advice to other candidates

Bisakha says that the candidates who have passed the UPSC examination should not be afraid of failures. When you are unsuccessful, try again after better preparation. Sometimes it takes time to get success, but if you work hard honestly, you get success. The students preparing for UPSC try to do better in the exam by making the right strategy. If you work hard continuously, you will get success.

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