IAS Success Story: Talent became the topper with the third rank in the third attempt, reached the floor after crossing all the difficulties


Success Story of IAS Topper Pratibha Verma: 2019 topper Pratibha Verma got this success in his third attempt. Even before this, she had given two prompts for the UPSC CSE exam but was not selected. In the third attempt, Pratibha not only ensured her selection but also became the topper with All India Rank Three. While preparing for this exam, Pratibha had to face many problems, but this year her biggest problem remained poor health. Here health means both physical and mental health. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Pratibha mainly spoke on this issue.

UPSC journey of talent –

Pratibha is from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh and did her early education from here. After XII, Pratibha did BTech from Delhi IIT and after working for two years, turned to UPSC. Actually Pratibha did not like the job and her mind started leaning towards civil service. Leaving her job, Pratibha became fully prepared for the UPSC exam. During this, Pratibha saw many ups and downs, one of which was the main health issue. She has had to face this problem twice or four times so that she advises other candidates to study but do not ignite health or else they will be at a loss instead of profit.

In fact, candidates often avow small things related to health so that there is no less time for studies and later it is that they become ill. This wastes more time than they are saving.

Watch here the interview given by Pratibha Verma to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Keep stress under control –

Pratibha says that this test is so big that it is inevitable to have stress, but understand that there is no benefit from stress. Whatever happens is what happens. Instead of dissolving in the anxiety of the result, focus on doing karma. No matter how much you think about the outcome of anything, it does not change anything except that over stress you spoil your health as Pratibha did. In such a situation, his family and some close friends took care of him, otherwise Pratibha had fallen ill many times after worrying. She advises other candidates to avoid over-thinking, this is a worm that eats you inside.

Benefits from Yoga and meditation

At a time when Pratibha’s health deteriorated so much that she was forced to think that what the examination was supposed to be, she could no longer ignore her health. At this time Yoga and meditation proved to be a panacea for him. She started doing yoga and meditation by the rules, which greatly improved her health.

Pratibha also advises other candidates not to wait for ill and give these things in the schedule of their day in advance. If you continue to do physical and mental exercises on a regular basis, then it will not come. Remember that examination is important but your health is most important.

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