IAS Success Story: Failed in class 12, the teacher said – You are zero, but by hard work, Syed Riyaz became IAS officer


Success Story of IAS Topper Sayyed Riyaj Ahemad: Most people feel that your background must be strong to pass the UPSC exam. However, the success story of many people is such that it shows whether you can get success in UPSC examination even by starting from zero. Syed Riyaz Ahmed, a resident of Nagpur, Maharashtra, failed in the 12th class, after which his teacher told his father that it is zero and cannot do anything in life. His father then said that it would do something big in life. The same day Syed Riaz decided to pass the UPSC exam and finally achieved success.

Were not very good at intermediate studies

Syed Riaz Ahmed did not feel much in his childhood. As soon as he reached the intermediate and here he failed the board examination. After this, he had to bear a lot of taunts of people. However, his father always trusted him and used to say that Riyaz Ahmed would do something big. The father also supported him a lot in the journey of UPSC. I finally succeeded.

Success in five attempts

Syed Riyaz Ahmed started the UPSC journey in 2013. When he got a failure initially, he felt that he would not be able to pass this exam. Although he remembered his father’s words. He was determined to pass the UPSC exam. Once, he decided to leave the preparations in the middle. His father explained to him and inspired him to prepare further. Not only this, when money was strapped, he had decided to sell his house. In such a situation, Riyaz got a little motivation. Eventually, he threw his full force and passed the UPSC exam.

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Riyaz’s advice to other candidates

Riyaz says that if they can pass the UPSC exam then anyone can. Your background should not be strong enough to pass this exam. You can achieve success by starting from zero. However, you need to be patient in this exam. It can take many years to get success, in such a situation, you have to be patient and work hard continuously. Prepare by considering family support as motivation. Those who work hard surely get success.

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