IAS Success Story: Rehana decided this journey with all the difficulties and became the first woman IAS officer of her district


Success Story of IAS Topper Rehana Bashir: Rehana Bashir of Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir has a doctorate degree before coming to the field of UPSC. Not only this, after graduating in medical science, Rehana also gave admission for the NEET exam for PG, but then changed her mind and despite being selected for NET PG entrance, she did not go for counseling.

This was the time when Rehana was confused about the election between UPSC and Neet PG but eventually changed her mind and decided to join the UPSC leaving the medical field. His family supported him in this decision. In this way, Rehna also comes from those candidates who after some time are able to choose their Ultimate Aim and also get success in it. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Rehana spoke openly about her journey.

Why came the care of UPSC

Rehana and her brother who are in the IRS service after passing UPSC, did not have childhood like normal children. Both children were quite young when their father passed away. In such a situation, the childhood of these two was very conflicted. The mother took the responsibility of the children and promised them to do well in studies.

Realizing the situation at home, Rehana was always serious about studies. The result of this was that he had passed UG and then PG examination of medical first. It was during her graduation that Rehana got involved in such communalities where even basic resources were not available, let alone happiness. Seeing her condition, Rehana wished in her mind to pursue a career in such an area with the help of others.

Watch the interview given by Rehana Bashir to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Failed between double pressure –

Despite passing the entrance of NEET examination on one side, Rehana had left her in the middle and on the other hand, she was not selected in the UPSC pre exam. Rehana was feeling the pressure of leaving the medical line in the middle and on the other side had already passed out on the first step here. At this time his brother and mother gave him courage and Rehana got ready for the second attempt day and night.

During this time also he faced many problems. She says that where she lives there is a lot of internet problem, sometimes the net comes and sometimes goes. In such a situation, she used to take out the hard copy of the material so that even if there is no net, the work gets done.

The struggle was yet to take place –

Even after so many troubles, Rehana’s struggle did not diminish. Rehana’s mother underwent a major surgery before the Mains exam, at this time her brother also went for training and they were the only two at home. At this time, Rehana had to take care of the housework, examination preparation and mother’s care alone. Despite this, Rehana did not lose courage.

Not only this, Rehana was lucky that she had moved to Delhi a day before for the interview or else her airbase was closed due to surgical strike at the time of her interview. If she did not leave before the time, she would have missed the interview and wasted a year. However, the story of Rehana shows that if a person dares himself, then God also supports him.

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