IAS Success Story: IPS in first attempt and IAS in second, how did Sameer repeatedly get success in UPSC exam, know here


Success Story of IAS Topper Sameer Saurabh: Sameer Saurabh is from Purnia district of Bihar. In his second attempt in the year 2018, he passed the UPSC CSE examination from the 32nd rank. Even before this, Sameer has cracked this exam. In the first attempt in the year 2017, Sameer cracked this exam and at that time he got rank 142, under which Sameer was allotted IPS service. Unsatisfied with his rank, Sameer again took this exam and topped the 32nd rank, breaking all records this year. On the basis of this rank, Sameer got the post of IAS which he always wanted. Prior to this, Sameer has also graduated from IIT Kharagpur. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Sameer shared experiences from both his efforts.

These efforts improve rank –

Talking about the preparation, Sameer says that once selection means that the preparation of your subjects is good, the question arises as to what else to do to improve the rank. The answer is that you should increase your efforts in everything you have been doing till now. Since now you have to rise one level higher, so at every stage your preparation should be one level up. For example, if you give a test more than before, write an answer and more than before. In this way you have to incorporate quality in your efforts. What he was doing, now he has to move forward by one level. With this, the result will also come forward.

One more thing to keep in mind that only mock tests do not benefit, unless you analyze them. Therefore, check your test paper properly and remove the areas that are lacking in time.

Watch the interview given by Sameer Saurabh to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Pay special attention to these things –

Samir furthers his point saying that often the candidates face a problem that they do not remember what they remember. One way to avoid this is Sameer Wala, under which he used to read the subject today and after giving it a test after two days, he used to check how much he remembered during the exam.

The next important thing is to remember facts and data, dates etc. according to Sameer. When you have time, sit down to remember the figures because these are the ones that add weight to your tears. Continue to revise the old reading so that the old mind does not get lost in the cycle of the new.

Another advice Sameer gives is that regardless of your rank, or you have prepared for any level, but take the pre exam very seriously every time. When this changes your story, nothing is trusted. So, give the pre as often as seriously.

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