IAS success story: IIT passout Ravi becomes IAS officer in third attempt, UPSC’s journey completed with this strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Ravi Anand: Ravi has graduated from IIT before becoming successful in the field of UPSC. He took a degree in Chemical Engineering and started preparations only after reaching the final year of graduation. They always believe in this that they should know about it properly before walking on any path. In this way, Ravi gathered information about every small and big thing from the exact format of the examination, books, right source. This saved their time. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Ravi spoke in detail about the preparation of UPSC exam.

Start right –

Ravi says that when a candidate decides to take the exam, after that there are many small preparations which he has to do. They can be started much earlier. Like after selecting all the information about the exam and choosing the right books for yourself. If any material is to be taken from someone or is ordered from somewhere else, its arrangement, etc. Like many times, many candidates do study material arranges from different coaching in Delhi.

Next important thing Ravi says that there are many websites related to the preparation of UPSC CSE exam, which have very good study material, but according to them, you should first go to the official website of UPSC for any kind of reference. Be it syllabus or exam pattern or previous year paper, first of all you should gather information from here. This medium is the most reliable.

Watch the interview given by Ravi Anand to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Next important decision, choose the right option –

Ravi furthering the matter says that one of the few points which are very important for getting success in this exam is the choice of the right option. This work may take time, but choose the option subject very carefully and it plays a very important role in your selection. It is important that you are interested in it. If you are not able to select, then take help from someone, but choose the right option.

Now come to the next important question and that is coaching. Ravi says that it is up to you whether you join coaching or not, but one thing is certain that even if you are not able to do coaching, do not get upset. There is a solution to all your problems on the Internet. There are also many tips of toppers with which you can solve all your doubts.

Ravi’s advice

In the end, Ravi says that if you study properly and you have to plan properly, then this exam is not so difficult. Because of this, this air has been spread more that this exam is very difficult. There will be no problem if you plan and plan from the beginning and clear all your douts along the way.

If you are stranded, take help of videos and blogs of the toppers present on the internet and let go of your doubts. Give equal importance to the three stages of the exam and make the strategy of all three separately. If you move with proper planning in the right direction, then you too can clear this exam.

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