IAS Success Story: father never lost courage on cancer, in second attempt, 22 year old Ritika became UPSC topper


Success Story of IAS Topper Ritika Jindal: The courage and passion of Punjab’s daughter Ritika Jindal is worth seeing. When she talks at the age of just 22, it seems as if a 42-year-old person is sharing the lessons of her life’s struggles. Their conversation seems so intricate and so sensible that they do not even want to say anything else in front of it. Actually, when life presents challenges, you do not see your age and these challenges make you mature. Ritika’s father was battling a very dangerous disease cancer during his UPSC preparations. But Ritika never allowed her emotional part to come in the way of preparations and became a topper in another. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, he shared his experience.

Hrithik has always been a brilliant student –

Ritika was born in Moga, a small place in Punjab, where there was a shortage of resources but she never let it come in the midst of her success. Luckily, he also always got very good teachers, so that Ritika excelled in every class under his supervision. In Class X and XII, Ritika performed very well and topped her area. After this, he graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi and topped here as well.

Ritika wanted to become an IAS since childhood, so when the right time came, she also started efforts in this direction. The seriousness and honesty of Hrithik’s preparation is evident from the fact that he cleared all three stages in the first attempt but his name did not appear in the final list by some marks. Ritika felt bad, but she was not holding this sorrow. The next year, she tried again and passed all the three exams and became a straight topper with 88th rank.

Watch the interview given by Ritika Jindal to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Keep these three things in mind –

Ritika mainly gives three advice to clear this exam. His first advice is that whenever there are challenges in life, do not be afraid of them, do not fear and follow your steps. You do not have control over what will happen in life, but you have control over how to react in that condition. So face every situation with a smile.

Ritika’s second advice is to use her emotional intelligence wisely. Do not get shattered under pressure and be happy no matter how much pressure you study. This will also improve the performance of your studies. If you are happy, you will be able to remember quickly and remember will be remembered.

Ritika’s third advice is not to give up on failure. She says that when we fail, we have two options, either to celebrate the failure or to stand up again and move forward with double effort. Failure is normal, take it as a learning, do not waste time by crying.

Ritika saw many difficult moments in life but never bowed down to her. Her father had Tung Cancer during Ritika’s first Attempt, which was cured but he got Lung Cancer during the Second Attempt. Realizing the anguish of her father in such an environment, Ritika showed courage on every front and emerged as a winner. Therefore, when tough times come in life, compete with him, success will be yours.

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