IAS Success Story: Navjivan, who reached the first hospital of Mains, did not give up and became UPSC topper in the first time.


Success Story of IAS Topper Nav Jivan Pawar: Navjivan Pawar hails from a small village in Maharashtra and his father is a farmer. Growing up in a normal environment, Navjeevan faced many problems during his UPSC journey, but did not give up. As problems came, they continued to face him. Navjeevan also believes that there are only two options in life at a time of difficulty, either hold them and cry or fight them. Navjeevan always chose the second option. In the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track, Navjeevan openly narrated the struggles of his entire year.

Dengue occurred before Men’s exam

On the advice of Navjeevan Dad, he went to Delhi to prepare for UPSC exam and started studying hard day and night. Here he also saw many capable candidates fail but kept up the courage. Only when Navajivan slept after coming from coaching one day, then two days did not arise. When friends were worried, they took him to the hospital. He found out that he has dengue. At this time Navjeevan had passed the pre and about a month was left of the mains. When the father got the news, he called Nashik directly and after a year and a half, Navjeevan reached his home town but stayed in the ICU of the hospital instead of home.

Navjeevan thought that he was lying in bed and the other candidates would be preparing for the exam. Thinking that he cried a lot, his father told him a Marathi saying which meant that when such moments come in life, either cry or fight. Just at that moment Navjeevan decided that he would fight.

Watch here interview given by Navjivan Pawar to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Started studies in hospital only

Since Navjeevan had limited time which was being spent in the hospital, he opened the school here. With the help of his friends, seniors and family children, he started studying here. Sometimes his sister would show him the video, sometimes his niece would make notes. Sometimes seniors would explain on the phone, sometimes friends would clear the dots. The hospitalists were also surprised to see the spirit of new life. The doctor being treated told him to focus on health first, but Navjivan did not want to miss this opportunity. Most of his preparation was done in the hospital. Shifted from ICU to room but the study program continued.

Learning of new life –

During this time, there were some more incidents with Navjeevan, which were enough to shake his confidence. At first, on the advice of friends, he went to the astrologer who clearly said that you will not. He got very angry but he came back thinking that I will write my future, not an astrologer.

After this, Navjivan was bitten by a dog and the next time his mobile full of data was stolen. Overall, the whole year of Navajivan passed so hard that he kept on exams again and again. But salute to his spirit who did not give up even after so much.

Navjivan also says that if you want something wholeheartedly, then the whole work goes on mixing you with it. If it is, then a movie’s dialogue fits them perfectly. On this basis, Navjeevan got success in his life.

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