IAS Success Story: IAS officer made in third attempt, son of farmer of a small village, cracked exam with this strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi: Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi topped the UPSC CSE examination with 74th rank in his third attempt in the year 2018. With this, his dream of becoming an IAS was also fulfilled. Even before this, Pradeep was selected once but due to low rank, he got second service while Pradeep’s target was IAS. He was disappointed for a few moments but soon came out of it and started studying with double strength. As a result, Pradeep not only got selected in the third attempt, but he also got his own IAS post. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Pradeep talked about his three attempts. Know in detail

Pradeep is of a very simple background

Pradeep was born and educated in a small village in Bundelkhand. His father is a farmer and agricultural work is done in Pradeep’s house. Pradeep completed his school education from a simple Hindi medium school. The dream of UPSC was not Pradeep’s childhood dream nor did he ever think about it in his school life. After school, Pradeep went to Bhopal for engineering and completed his graduation from here. Soon after graduation, Pradeep got a job in the electricity department in Bhopal itself. This was the time when he got the idea of ​​UPSC for the first time.

Before jumping into the exam preparation, Pradeep had decided that he would look for two attempts but if he is not selected in two times, he will do another job first and only then he will plan for further preparation. However, according to the planning of Pradeep, things did not happen and he got success in the third attempt.

Watch here Interview given by Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi to Delhi Knowledge Track –

UPSC journey of Pradeep –

Pradeep was not selected for the first time. In the second time, he was selected and came in the rank 491. Pradeep was not satisfied with this although his goal of cracking the exam in two times was fulfilled but the rank was not found. Finally, Pradeep joined the service provided under this rank, but again attested. In this way, Pradeep took the exam for the third time in the year 2018 and this year brought many years of hard work and he was selected for the rank of IAS with 74th rank. During this, Pradeep went through many struggles, things did not go according to his plan but he did not give up. Fell but then stood up and tried until the floor was found.

Pradeep’s experience –

Talking about his preparation, Pradeep says that first of all, understand that mens and pre are not separate, prepare them simultaneously. He further advises that before preparing for the mains, this will result in the preparation of the pre automatically. He did not take any type of coaching for UPSC exam and he does not even consider it necessary. They say that if you are from a place where there is no coaching facility, do not get upset at all. Internet has made the world so small that from there you can get all kinds of material, guidance, etc.

They further say that self study is the most important to pass this exam. Collect some information from anywhere, but in the end, trust self study. Along with this, the next important point is continuity. Whatever you read, read daily. Make a schedule and prepare accordingly. Apart from this, keep on giving continuous tests so that your shortcomings are known within the time.

In the end, just think that what is not in your hand, do not think at all but give your best in what is in your hand. Which background do you belong to, from which school have you studied, all these things do not matter. If you are ready to work hard then you will get success.

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