IAS Success Story: Despite being stuck in pre in the first attempt, Vaishali did not lose courage and became an IAS officer in the second attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Vaishali Singh: The 2018 topper Vaishali Singh does not come from those candidates who always dream of coming to this field. Vaishali changed her field after reaching a career high and she never regretted that she had taken the final decision regarding her career after a long time. Since all the lawyers are in Vaishali’s house, he was inclined towards this from childhood. Vaishali has not only graduated from National Law University, Delhi but has also topped the college. Thus you can see that Vaishali has always been a brilliant student. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Vaishali shared her UPSC journey and her preparation tips.

This is how UPSC cares

Vaishali is originally from Faridabad and her early studies were also done here. After 12th, she went to Delhi for a five-year integrated law course. After completing studies from here, Vaishali got a job in a good company and she started working. However, after some time, Vaishali did not mind advocating and he had a strong desire to do something else. What else could be the inspiration of this, Vaishali got from the work done during her internship when those people used to teach poor children. Vaishali felt that he had to do something similar to help the disadvantaged sections of the society.

With this idea, Vaishali decided to try luck in the field of UPSC. In the first attempt, Vaishali did not even pass the pre exam, but in the second attempt, not only did she cross all the three stages of the exam but she also topped the rank of eighteenth.

Watch the interview given by Vaishali Singh to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

First Attempt Mistake –

Vaishali says that she studies in the night, so she had no idea during the first exam that she would feel sleepy in exam hours in the morning and her brain would not work at all. Before the second attempt, Vaishali had learned that she had to work on her biological clock. A month before the exam, he changed his time table. At the same time, when the pre exam is done in the morning, she started giving mock tests every day. Not only this, Vaishali atmosphere also created exam hall. Fan, AC used to do all the exams so that both the body and mind can be programmed for the main examination.

Vaishali’s second mistake was that he gave very few mock tests in the first attempt. She says it is very important to practice through mock test to pass the exam. Keep checking the preparation you are doing.

Vaishali’s opinion –

Vaishali advises other candidates that to crack this exam, smart work along with hardwork is very important. Create a strategy and follow it properly before you start studying. Pre and main course is integrated, so prepare for both and try and finish the option first. Instead of focusing on your strength, focus on weekness and finish them within time.

Instead of focusing only on studies, give time to your hobbies too. No candidate can always study. In the end, Vaishali advises that knowledge and strategy are the only two ways to achieve success in this exam. With this, look at the old papers a lot, if you understand the pattern of the exam, then understand half the problem is solved. Lose confidence without confidence, move in the right direction, if not today, tomorrow you will definitely get success.

IAS Success Story: IAS officer made in third attempt, son of farmer of a small village, cracked exam with this strategy

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