IAS Success Story: Between the responsibilities of marriage and child, Pushpa Lata becomes IAS officer without self-study coaching


Success Story of IAS Topper Pushp Lata: In our society, women often do not get much time to think about making a career after marriage. Although exceptions are there in every field, but the majority of such women will be found who achieve the status before marriage in general, it is final. After marriage and especially children, most of their time goes into family responsibilities.

But in such a situation, candidates like Pushp Lata also come out, who have been left more than five years and who have a two-year-old child, but they plan to give civil services exam at this stage. Not only this, his intention is so strong that not only a plan is made but success is also achieved. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Pushp Lata spoke openly about UPSC Journey.

Floral creeper belongs to a small village

Born in Pushpura, a small village in Rewari district, Pushp Lata did her early studies. After this, he completed further education by staying in the house of a relative. Pushp Lata did MBA in Higher Studies and started working in a private company. In the meantime, they got married and Pushpala was leading a normal life with the birth of a son. At this time she was also working in a bank.

Pushp Lata was not particularly interested in this job and was planning to give civil services, but she doubted how she would be able to prepare for this difficult exam. Pushp Lata had a tendency to study since childhood, but once she missed the studies and after a gap of five years, it is not easy to start again, on this occasion, her doctor husband encouraged her and encouraged her to move forward.

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Pushp Lata’s advice

Pushp Lata says that if you live in a place where there is no coaching facility, then do not worry because in today’s time the internet has emerged as a medium where everything can be found at a click. Whether you are preparing for pre or interview, you can see everything on the net.

The second important thing is that when you plan to clear the exam, do not think about the difficulties on the way, but strengthen your intention and go out for the journey. Pushp Lata also heard in a film that these lines always made their motives that if you want something from the heart, it is definitely found and their heart was stuck on civil services. Perhaps she was determined that after all the time management, there was time for studies, but she would never give up and retreat.

Sometimes she woke up at four in the morning and sometimes after the child slept. She used to consider household chores as a break from studies and when she had the opportunity, she would just sit with a book. Actually, he never kept an eye on his problems but kept his goal in front of the eyes. The result was that she cleared the exam. In this journey, Pushp Lata does not forget to express her gratitude to her husband and family, without whose help she would never reach the destination.

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