IAS Success Story: Rejected after reaching pre-interview and sometimes reaching interview, Varjit’s journey to become IAS was very volatile


Success Story of IAS Topper Varjeet Walia: In his fourth attempt in the year 2017, Varjit Walia topped the UPSC CSE exam with 21st rank. Although every UPSC candidate’s journey is full of ups and downs, but Virgit’s struggles were quite different. He was sometimes out of the pre-stage and sometimes failed even by reaching the interview round. Sometimes he changed the option and sometimes the strategy, but the success was far from him. In these years, how did Varjit maintain his patience and finally clear the exam. Let’s know

UPSC journey was like this

Virjeet has graduated from Chemical Engineering before coming into the field of UPSC. For some reasons he turned to this. After preparing for one to one and a half years, I gave the first ambassador. Virjit had an alternative sociology in this aspect. In these one and a half years, he spent most of his time preparing for the optional. Virjeet was shocked when his men did not clear even after committing their lives. He felt that the blame behind this is Optional because even after so much hard work, he could not clear the mains. Without looking at the numbers, he changed the option for the next attempt. Virgit was not successful even in the subsequent Attempt.

In this way, sometimes they stuck in pre and sometimes in men. For the first time, he was selected in the third exam and came in the rank 577. Virjeet was not happy with this rank, so he took the exam again and this time he topped the exam with 21st rank. After the first attempt, Varjit changed his option and in other efforts, he had optics.

Watch here interview given by Varjit Walia to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Experience of Virgit –

Virjeet advises other candidates to spend a little time in preparation for the exam and do not be hasty. Only after knowing everything properly, proceed. Follow the same attitude for optional. Never get into anyone’s talks and choose an optional subject based on someone else’s experience. First make sure about the subject properly and only then do the final selection.

Remember that this exam is very unpredictable, where anything can happen at any time. Therefore, do not apply the heartlessness found here. If you are successful, then even if you are unsuccessful, do not carry your burden because the preparation for this exam makes you so strong at every step, it enhances you so much that even if you are not selected, you will be very much as a human being in these years. Must have matured.

Keep in mind one thing that many times it takes many years to get success in this exam. In such a situation, do not lose patience and just focus on doing your work honestly, leave the result to God. Success is not achieved even after putting all efforts, in such a situation you cannot do anything. See your shortcomings and overcome them. Do not be disappointed because nothing will be achieved by disappointment. The sooner you clear the dust of the previous failure and start preparing for the next, the better. According to Varjit, three things are necessary for success, that is hard work, patience and continuity. Move a little bit everyday, but do not let the sequence break. They believe that with honest effort, the destination is definitely found.

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