IAS Success Story: Prestige, who topped the UPSC exam in the first test, shared their preparation strategy, read


Success Story of IAS Topper Pratishtha: Pratishtha is a resident of Mamgain, Delhi and her UPSC CSE exam in the year 2017 was the first and the last. Although most of the candidates in this exam want to succeed in the first attempt, but few are able to prepare for that level where there is no scope of failure. But Pratishtham not only thought so but also showed it by doing so. Not only this, the candidates often recommend the right planning and strategy to clear the UPSC CSE exam, but the reputation has proved that truly balanced efforts in the right direction can not only pass this test at once but also Topper can also be made. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Pratishtha talked about her UPSC journey.

The attempt was started long ago –

Pratishtha had dreamed of becoming an IAS at a very young age and her special point was that she was not only planning in the air but she started paying attention to it and preparing for basics in advance. . Prestige in class 9th only found out what is the format of this exam, how to prepare for it, how to make strategy, etc. He watched the toppers’ interviews, consulted the seniors and understood that for the target they want to achieve, they have to not only pass every class but also prepare their syllabus properly. As a result, when the candidates start preparing with the UPSC in mind, they start from the beginning i.e. studying NCERT of classes 9 to 11, but Pratishtha had already read them in such a way that it became a matter with only one revision.

Similarly, prestige also prepared the subjects of graduation very well. Started reading the news paper for a long time because she knew how important current affairs are for this exam. Thus, reputation had already laid the foundation for the preparation of this exam.

Watch the interview given by Pratishtha Mamgain to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Reputation advice –

Pratishtha advises other candidates to first find out the syllabus of UPSC CSE exam properly and then collect limited study material accordingly. Keep books limited otherwise you will not be able to finish the course. The next important thing is to do a strategy plan. Make your strategy according to your own and start studying by making a time-table. Keep a target of every day what to read today and complete it at the end of the day and sleep.

Take out a few hours of the day for a news paper, which is a very important role in this exam. Also learn the right way to read newspaper so that you can read the paper in a short time. It will only come from practice.

Pratishtha adjusts that when you are studying in any class, start reading the news paper and practicing answer writing from the same time. At these two points you can start working much earlier.

The next important step assumes the prestige revision. She says that everyone is studying, but not everyone is able to remember. She also forgot to read it again and again. In such a situation, he made multiple revisions. In the end, his advice is to give mock tests so that the candidates can know their mistakes.

After understanding the nature of the examination properly, then you will not only get success but you will get it within time. A little pre planning can save you a lot of time and effort later.

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