IAS Success Story: Preparing for jobs, Yashini wins UPSC exam in fourth attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Yashni Nagrajan: UPSC CSE is an exam in which the candidates are not selected many times even after the hard work of day and night. In such a situation, most of the candidates also believe that it is not right to do any other work with the preparation of the exam, because this exam demands full time preparation. But this is not the case with all the candidates. There are some candidates like Yashini Nagarajan, who do not want to leave the job and prepare for it. Despite repeated failures, they do not change intentions. Yashini learned from her past mistakes, but the thought of quitting her job never came into her mind. Yashini’s resolve eventually proved to be true. In his fourth attempt in the year 2019, he not only passed the UPSC CSE examination but also topped the 57th rank.

Time management is the first requirement

Talking about this, Yashini says that the first requirement of the jobbers is time management, for which they have to put extra effort in comparison to the common candidates. Since they have to study with jobs, special care has to be taken of time. If we take the example of Yashini, she would spend four to five hours a day studying with a job, and used to study all day on every weekend. For example, the holiday for a common candidate is to relax, but for candidates like Yashini, these days of the week are more hard work.

Watch the interview given by Yashini Nagarajan to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Errors of previous attempts –

Yashini says that one of the mistakes of her previous attempts is the choice of the wrong option. She says she did not know much about this, she had also chosen geography after seeing others. Within a few days she realized that the wrong selection had taken place but she could not develop the courage to change it.

Yashini admits her second major mistake is that she could not perform properly in Essay and Ethics paper. Both of his papers were not getting good marks. In her fourth attempt, Yashini not only changed the option but also paid a lot of attention to the essay and ethics paper. Both have a good writing practice.

Yashini’s advice –

Yashini advises other candidates not to take the paper of Essay and Ethics lightly. Prepare a strategy and a timetable from beginning to end, so that no part is missed and no time will be faced in the end. Model test papers and previous years papers must be solved. They help a lot. Prepare for the three phases of the exam simultaneously and prepare any subject for all three.

If you are working, then this journey becomes a bit more difficult for you, but not impossible. You have to try a bit more than other candidates, but the piece of job security comes in your favor. In this way there are benefits of jobs. With just a little time management, you can pass this exam even with a job.

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