IAS Success Story: Four attempts, two successful, Swati became IAS officer


Success Story of IAS Topper Swati Sharma: Swati Sharma of Delhi gave a total of four candidates for UPSC CSE exam. He was selected twice in these. In the year 2018 effort, Swati came in the rank of 278 due to which she was disgruntled and tried again. However, under this rank, Swati was allotted the Indian Audit and Account Service, which she joined. While in training, Swati gave a fourth attempt and this time, not only selected all the previous failures but also topped the 17th rank. This earned him his desired IAS post. Swati, a student of Economics, shared the highlights of this journey with the Delhi Knowledge Track.

Start right –

Swati says in the beginning of her conversation that from the day you make sure to give this exam, make a determination and from the same day that you will gather the complete information about this exam before giving the exam and only then you will proceed . Swati considers this step so important that according to her, if it takes even a month to find out about the exam then do not get upset. Spend this month in this work, but through the Internet or whatever medium you want to use, know every little thing about the exam, only then proceed. Understand that what is the right route to get there before you get out on some way, you are finding out. Initially, you will feel wasted time but the journey will be smooth.

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Swati’s thoughts are different from others –

Swati says that consider preparing pre and mains as two separate exams and prepare. They do not recommend preparing the two together, as other candidates often say. She gives her own example that earlier she used to prepare for the pre and she used to join the mains when the course was completed within the time limit. She used to focus only on the time when she was studying for men. Although this is Swati’s opinion, the final decision will be yours on how you want to prepare, but Swati feels this way right. According to them, the pattern of both exams is different, so the preparation should be different.

The other important thing Swati admits to giving tests and analyzing them. She says it is very important to practice with mock tests to clear the exam. It should also be noted that just giving the test does not end the work, you should also analyze your answers. Then, remove the deficiency that comes out. In this way, test yourself before the main exam.

Swati’s advice

Swati says from her experience that if you take a whole year to prepare for this exam, but make a schedule from Day One. Time management is very important to succeed in this exam. On what day, what to study, by what time it should be finished, in the end how many days have to be removed for revision, every small and big thing should be in your plan. In this preparation, keep consolidating the notes of your revision as sometimes it happens to the candidates that they plan the revision in the end but the study material or say the contents of the revision are so scattered that they cannot line up. Therefore, in addition to making time tables, schedules, also make notes or other study material in such a way that it can be revisited quickly.

In the end, Swati advises on the importance of mock tests for pre, mains and interview trio. According to him, at any stage of the examination, first give mock test, then go to give the main exam. During preparation, be honest with yourself and move in the right direction, you will definitely succeed.

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